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Game Tips

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Use your team: You are part of a team of three. You can quite easily tell team mates where to go and to kill certain terrorists first. Use them to enter rooms via certain doors and to heal each other should they get injured.

Know your weapons: There are quite a wide range of weapons available in the game as well as equipment - it is worth playing around to see what weapons suit your style of play the best. Some of the various grenades can be very helpful for certain situations so think about what equipment you carry.

Use the map: Pressing the back button during missions brings up a map showing some key info such as the location of spotted terrorists and ladders, rappel points etc.

Enemies: Enemies tend to move around a bit differently each time you play so it can be hard to pin point each enemy in this walkthrough - they also react to noise etc. so if you are loud when you enter certain areas they may kill hostages or gather together to hunt you down. Use the map to locate some of the terrorists when you can.

Use the snake cam: A key piece of kit. Use it under most doors to check the way forward is clear. Also if you highlight and enemy with the cursor and press the back button it will order your team members to kill that enemy first on entry.

Blind Fire: In areas where you are under heavy fire it is worth using the blind fire to force enemies into cover to allow you to re-position or to get a better shot at them.

Re-load: Try keep your weapon fully loaded when you can - never know when you might face a room full of enemies. Also note that the enemy has to reload too - an ideal time to shoot at them.

Online Play

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There are various modes of online play in the game ranging from various death match style game modes to capturing vital intel and co-op story mode which has you playing through the single player game but with other gamers playing the part of your team. At the start of online play you'll be able to create your character and how they look. With an Xbox Live vision cam you can place your own image on the characters face. You are able to edit your appearance or unlock extra equipment and clothing for your character by playing multiplayer modes. You can also re upload your facial image at any point in the online menus.


Attack & Defend: Two team fight for control of an objective - one team tries to steal it while the other defends it.

Sharpshooter: Free-for-all combat with respawns, player with most kills wins.

Team Sharpshooter: Two teams fight it out. Team with most kills at the end of the time wins.

Co-op terrorist hunt: You and a team of friends must locate and kill all terrorists on certain maps.

Co-op story: Play the single player story mode with friends as your team mates.

Retrieval: Two teams must find the biohazard canister and deliver it to their base to score points. Team with most points wins.

Survival: No respawns, last person alive wins Team Survival: Two teams compete trying to eliminate all members of the opposite team. Team with players still alive wins.


As you play through the various online modes you will be given points at the end of each round (More points for the better you do), these points allow you to progress through the various ranks. Each time you achieve a new rank you will unlock additional weapons, equipment and clothing for you to use on your online character. You can edit your characters equipment and weapons in the outfitting section of the online menu.

Character Types

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As with most zombies they aren’t that dangerous individually, but get enough of them in one place and you can be in real trouble. And wouldn’t you know it, Dead Rising’s locations are jam packed with the living dead. And they also get a little tougher at
night. So here’s a few tips about dealing with them.Run - you don’t have to fight them, and unless you’re in a difficult area, such as a narrow hall or the North Plaza, you should be able to weave around them. Watch out - not all zombies behave the same. Some will ignore you, others will shamble in your direction. The occasional one will actually half-sprint at you. And some have knives which they can stab you with, although the ones with guns never fire them. Nowhere is safe - as above, the zombies behave differently. Standing behind a counter will give you a breather for moment, but eventually some of the zombies will, by trial and error, climb up and flop over the counter to attack you. You’re not the only food source - they will go after survivors, and since survivors don’t generally have the brains to duck around you, they will need watching out for. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to go after cultists. Keep on walking - getting surrounded is leathal, so once you have it, the zombie walk is an invaluable skill. Use it to clamber over the tops of zombies heads if they’re getting too close. Lure them away - if you find the dead lurking around the entrance to one of the mall sections, and you don’t want to waste a weapon on them, lure them away by moving away from the gate, then nip left and run into the gate.

Other Enemies:


These are the guys in yellow raincoats, and they’re absolute swines. Not as bad as the soldiers, but they will slash you with their knives, and will also sometimes rush you with a stick of dynamite in their hands. If the latter happens, either shoot them or run the hell away, because they’ll cause you major damage if they blow up. The best way to deal with them is by using a chainsaw if you have to get through them. Or failing that, you can just avoid them. They’ll go away if you defeat their leader later.


Oh boy. These are worse than the cultists - they have guns and will blast the living daylights out of you. Run away from them if you can, and if you have to take them down, use a chainsaw, katana or axe.


Aside from the zombies, soldiers and cultists, there are severalpsychopaths - effectively boss characters - you’ll run into. You’ll only encounter a few of these by going through the regular cases in the games - the others are usually encountered as part of scoops. Most can be defeated fairly easily as long as you load up on health-restoring items such as milk. Most have patterns that can be recognized and used, too. But here’s how to deal with some of the trickier ones.

Adam The Clown:

Adam isn’t part of the main case, but it’s worth fighting him just to get the small chainsaws he drops. This guy will cut you to pieces with his chainsaws so stay away. He can also use them to deflect bullets, so what do you do? Easy - shoot him when he breathes fire. Also, shoot the balloon when he blows one up and it’ll stun him, giving you the chance to deal some more damage. Cletus, the gun store owner. Again, this guy isn’t part of the main case, but you need to deal with him? Why? Because his shot in the North Mall is where you get shotguns and sniper rifles, essential for dealing with most other psychopaths. There’s an easy way to deal with him - as soon as the fight starts, back out of the store. Then using the uzi or machine gun, shoot at him through the opened door. He’ll die easily.

Carlito (2nd time):

Give him a taste of his own medicine and snipe at him from a long distance. If you don’t have a rifle, get up close and hit him - use a powerful weapon such as a chainsaw because once you hit him a couple of times, he’ll whack you back for serious damage.

Store Manager:

Keep out of the way of this guy’s trolley. Even if he hits you once, he can back up again and run over you another time, damaging your energy. On the plus side, you’re in a place which has an infinite supply of health in the shape of the milk cartons. You can also clamber on the shelves, if you have a firearm, and shoot the guy in the head. If you don’t, then let him charge past you, then when he turns, get in close and whack him.


The best way to deal with these loonies who drive around the leisure park in their jeep is to hit them with a car. Get a car from the car park area of the leisure park, mow it into them and stop their jeep. Then back off, and take the convicts out with a gun. Once you’ve done this, you can the mounted machine gun which is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. The downside is that they will keep on coming back.

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