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Metro 2033 PC Cheats

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Metro 2033 PC Cheats

I Can't Find the Bomb

In 'Cursed', Artyom is tasked with destroying the tunnel and airlock where the nosalises (mutants) are spawning from.

Position yourself so Khan and the defenders are behind you for the following directions:

The bombs are at the end of the right tunnel.

Destroy the left tunnel by "using" the glowing bomb hologram on the tunnel supports at the dead end.

Destroy the airlock by going up the stairs and using the bomb holographic on the supports. The stairs are to your right (and a little forward), if you are standing with Khan and the defenders at the station's entrance.

DJ Artyom

Tasked with an S.O.S. message from "Defense", you complete this objective in "Outpost". Enter the first Nazi controlled building (the one where a Demon snatches a fleeing Nazi in a preset condition) and battle through it.

Get yourself on the upper level of that building. On the upper story, there is a hallway with three tripwire mines (and two Demons who are easily exploited for the Demon killer achievement). Navigate through the mines and check the right room at the end of the corridor. There is a ramp leading to the rooftop.

On the rooftop, you should see a pre-set corpse with a Kalashnikov. The communications apparatus is on the corner of this rooftop.

God Mode and Infinite Ammo

Alter game files at your own risk and always make backups. Navigate to the game folder, find the user.cfg file and open it in a text editor. Change the following lines and save changes for the desired effect.

Change g_global_god off to g_global_god on and change g_god off to g_god on for God Mode

Change g_unlimitedammo off to g_unlimitedammo on for unlimited ammo.

Moral Choice Indicator

While there are obvious moral choices in the game (where both decisions are obvious), there are more subtle moral choices that will determine which ending (just two) you get at the end.

When choosing an action, the game world will temporarily flicker with a rust-ochre color (and you will hear faint murmuring) if you made a moral choice (good or bad).

Preventing Accidental Ammo Discharges Hand Over Fist

When pumping the Tihar (Pellet Gun) or the Hilsing (Spear Gun), you can accidentally discharge ammunition when the animation resets to "fire mode" (because the primary fire button or Right Trigger also works the air pump).

Apparently, the game doesn't tell you the Alternate Fire (or Precision Aim) also works the air lever. If you use the Alt.Fire or Left Trigger to work the air pump, you will not accidentally discharge any ammunition until you are ready (the Tihar and Hilsing only have aim-down-sight for secondary fire).

Realist Achievement

Decline the kid's offer to lead you at Riga Station to earn this secret task.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Reference

In the Library, the two rangers accompanying you will read through the titles of several books, including one called Roadside Picnic (1977) by the Strugatsky brothers.

The book was the basis for Andrei Tarkovsky's 1979 film STALKER, which in turn was one inspiration for GSC World's 2007 videogame of a similar name: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl.

Sneaking and Armored Suits

At Armory Station, before climbing into the train car, you can purchase a Sneaking Suit for 100 military cartridges from the vendor across from the Ammo Exchange.

Note that the vendor next to the Stealth Suit vendor sells an Armor Suit which will decrease the damage Artyom takes (both suits can be worn, but only the last one visibly reflected on the body model).

At Polis, a vendor next to the Ammo Exchange sells a similar Armor Suit (same price as the other suits).

Steam Achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then "My profile", then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Formula 1 2010 PC Unlockables

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Formula 1 2010 PC Unlockables

Unlockable Trophies

2 and 5 (25) Reach level 25 online
2nd chance (10) Go on to win the race after using a Flashback
A true gent (10) Complete a multiplayer race without making contact with an opponent
Against all odds (30) In a single player race take the win after starting in last place
Attracting attention (15) Win a race where a new contract has been offered
Built to succeed (40) Win the Constructors’ World Championship
Clean license (15) Complete a race without being involved in an accident
Clean sweep (15) Qualify in pole position setting the fastest time in each sector in a single player game
Commitment is the key (10) Complete 7 full Championship seasons
Consistency is the key (25) Score a point in every round of a season
Crushing victory (20) Outclass your team mate at each race, over one season
CV submitted (10) Beat a member of the F1 2010™ Dev team or a player who has done so
Double World Champion (50) Become a double World Champion
Face the press (10) Complete your first media interview
Full house (10) In single player set the fastest time in practice, take pole position and win the race
Hot property (15) Accept a contract with a higher placed team
I ain’t afraid of no ghost (15) Set a time in Time Trial mode
Impress the boss (10) Exceed a career objective set by your team
It’s a set-up (15) Win a race using one of your own set-ups
Limelight (15) Complete a season ahead of your Championship Rival
Made perfect (20) Top the time sheet for all 3 Practice Sessions
Nifty 50 (50) Reach level 50 online
One-Two (10) Achieve a one-two finish with your team mate in a career race
Perfect 10 (10) Reach level 10 online
Podium finish (25) Finish on the podium in a Career or Grand Prix race
Pole position (20) Achieve your first pole position in a single player race
Practice makes perfect (10) Participate in all 3 Practice sessions of a race weekend
Rain meister (20) Win a single player Grand Prix of no less than 20% distance in heavy rain
Rocking the boat (15) Finish ahead of your senior team-mate in your first season with a new team
Rookie driver (10) Successfully complete your first career race
Schuperb (35) Take victory from pole position 41 times in your career
Seasoned (25) Complete your first season in Formula 1
Seeking performance (10) Successfully complete an R&D test
Semi auto (20) Complete a race using manual gears
Silver arrow (10) Win the German Grand Prix in single player driving for Mercedes
Speed demon (10) Travel above 220 mph / 353 kph
Strength of character (15) Chose to pit yourself against the toughest Championship Rival
Taking it online (10) Win your first online ranked Grand Prix
Team leader (25) Become the No. 1 driver of a team by promotion or moving to another team
The big one (20) Meet the contract requirements of a Championship leading team
The magic number (5) Take your 3rd career victory
Tifosi (10) Win a single player race in a Ferrari at Monza
Top step (30) Win a Career or Grand Prix Race
Triple World Champion (60) Win the World Drivers’ Championship for a third time
True racer (25) Win a single player race with all driver aids switched off
Unforgettable (10) In single player take pole position and win in Monaco
Well drilled (15) Perform the perfect pit stop
Well protected (10) Complete a single player race using only the cockpit view
World Champion (40) Win the Formula 1 Drivers’ Championship
World Champion – Expert (60) Win the Formula 1 Drivers’ Championship on the Expert Difficulty setting

Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy PC Cheats

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Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy PC Cheats

Hit Shift + ~ to activate the text screen

Type devmapall or helpusobi 1 to enable cheats

devmapall Enables cheats

god Enable god mode

give all Give all Weapons, ammo, force mana, etc.

noclip No clipping Mode

quit game

kill Suicide

notarget Turns off Enemy AI

npc kill all Kills all NPCs

devmap (level name) Warps to that level with cheats on

sabercolor (color1)(color2) Changes saber's color

setsaberall (1 to 10) Raises saber abilities

setforceall (1 to 3) set force abilities

timescale (#) Changes game speed (1 is default)

taunt Taunt (duh!)

g_saberpickupabledroppedsabers (0 or 1) Pick up dropped sabers

drive_atst Drive an AT-ST

fly_xwing Fly an X-Wing (Can cause game to crash)

give health Increase health

give armor Increase armor

give ammo Increase ammo

helpusobi 1 This enables the cheats. It works the same as "devmapall."

give force This recharges your force power meter to max.

map (level name) This works the same as devmap, but cheats will not be enabled when you use it this way.

com_maxfps (X) Set your maximum frame rate.

cg_drawfps 1 Shows your framerate on screen.

thereisnospoon Matrix-Style Camera

g_saberrealisticcombat 2 Dismemberment on!!

iknowkungfu Use streetfighting moves e.g. Throws, punches, kicks

setforceall 7 Sets force skills to their maximum effective level. Saber offence max setting is 7.

saber 1 saber 1 Grants you dual lightsabers. They start as the color red usually however their colors can be changed.

saber dual_1 Gives you a double edged lightsaber. The number you use at the end effects which hilt you get. Any number 1-5 works.

setsaberstyle x Gives you one saberstyle x. You can use Fast, Medium, Strong, Dual, and a few others in place of x.

addsaberstyle x adds another saberstyle to your list, type fast, medium, strong, dual, etc. in place of x.

saber single_x Gives you one saber, type a number 1-6 in place of x for different hilts.

saber single_x single_x Gives you dual sabers, where x is a value 1-6 for different hilts.

npc spawn jedimaster spawns a jedi master to help you.

npc spawn jedi_random spawns a random jedi to help you.

npc spawn reborn_new spawns an enemy reborn with a single saber

npc spawn rebormmaster spawns an enemy reborn master. Now you can make large scale jedi fights wherever you go =).

npc spawn <charactername>
You can also spawn some of the popular characters, such as luke, kyle, rosh and tavion for some epic battles =).

model jawa Play as a Jawa

swoop_mp spawns a red colored swoop bike

swoop_mp2 spawns a blue colored swoop bike

x-wing spawns a flyable X-Wing (this will not crash the game)

tie-fighter spawns a flyable TIE Fighter

tie-bomber spawns a flyable TIE Bomber

tie-bomber2 spawns a flyable TIE Bomber (as far as I can tell the weapons don't fire)

lambdashuttle spawns a flyabel Imperial Shuttle

z-95 spawns a flyable Z-95

atst_vehicle spawns a pilotable AT ST Walker

wampa_vehicle spawns a ridable wampa (Note: You have to jump on the wampa to ride it. If you hit the use button you will get on and then get off)

rancor_vehicle spawns a ridable Rancor (Note: you have to do the same thing as the wampa )
wildtauntaun spawns a ridable Wild Tauntaun (this is tauntaun has no harness)

tauntaun spawns a ridable Tauntaun.

playermodel boba_fett Play as Boba Fett

playerteam free fight the good side and the dark side

playermodel default stormtrooper model and makes you an enemy

npc spawn tavion_scepter spawns endboss tavion with scepter and lightsaber

npc spawn tavion_sith_sword spawns endboss tavion with the sword

npc spawn saber_droid spawns a droid equipped with a saber

saber Sith_Sword your lightsaber becomes a sword with saber powers

Playermodel X Play as selected character

NPC spawn rebornchiss Spawns a barkeeper with dual sabers

NPC spawn Noghri Spawns a Noghri (Blue Guy)

NPC spawn Kyle_Boss Spawns Kyle

Saber Sith_Sword Sith_Sword Dual Sith Swords

G_knockback X X is a number. The higher it is the futher people are knocked back.

undying 999 life, but armor the same

playermodel wampa your a wampa ** those big guys in holo **

Fraglimit # Changes Kill Limit to desired amount. 0 is unlimited.

playermodel luke Play as Luke Skywalker, 200 max force

playermodel kyle Play as Kyle Katarn

playermodel desann Play as Desann (from JKII)

playermodel tavion Play as Tavion


Play as a Weequay

PLAYERMODEL WEEQUAY[2-5] Play as a Weequay (each # indicates a different colored shirt)

Play as a Gran

Play as a Trandoshan

NPC SPAWN CHEWIE Spawn Chewbacca

NPC SPAWN KYLE Spawn Kyle Katarn

NPC SPAWN HUMAN_MERC Spawn an enemy human mercenary


NPC SPAWN WEEQUAY(1-5) Spawn a Weequay (clothing colors vary with number)


Spawn a Trandoshan


NPC SPAWN R5D2 Spawn an R5D2

NPC SPAWN REBORN_NEW Spawn a Reborn_new

NPC SPAWN REBORN_DUAL Spawn a Reborn with dual sabers

NPC SPAWN CULTIST_SABER_STRONG_THROW Spawn a Cultist whose saber style is strong and throws his saber

NPC SPAWN CULTIST_GRIP Spawn a Cultist that utilizes force grip

NPC SPAWN REBORN_STAFF Spawn a Reborn with a saber staff


NPC SPAWN R2D2 Spawn an R2D2

Spawn an alternate version of a Cultist whose saber style is strong and throws his saber

NPC Spawn rockettrooper2officer Spawns a rockettrooper2 with a jetpack. (DO NOT try and use playermodel for this one. if you try to fly your jetpack the game will crash)

NPC Spawn rockettrooper2 spawns a rockettrooper2 without a jet pack.

NPC Spawn Ragnos Spawns Ragnos. ( This guy is weird cause he shoots bullets at you out of his stomach. :P)

NPC Spawn Tavion_scepter Spawns tavion with the sith scepter.

NPC Spawn Boba_Fett Spawns Boba Fett

NPC Spawn Human_Merc Spawns a Human_Merc (He gets on the vehicle nearest to him.)

NPC Spawn Morgankatarn Spawns Kyle Katarn's father. ( He won't move for some reason though. )

NPC Spawn Tavion_sith_sword spawns tavion with a sith sword.

NPC Spawn rebornchiss Spawns a bartender with double lightsabers. (BOO-YAH)

NPC SPAWN ROCKETTROOPER spawns a stormtrooper commander variant with rocket launcher

NPC SPAWN MUTANT_RANCOR spawns a mutant rancor

NPC SPAWN REBEL spawns a rebel trooper with regular blaster

NPC SPAWN SWAMPTROOPER spawns a swamp trooper

NPC SPAWN SHADOWTROOPER spawns a shadow trooper with lightsaber

spawns an imperial spy with laser rifle

spawns an imperial spy variant

NPC SPAWN STOFFICERALT spawns a stormtrooper commander with flachette weapon

spawns an imperial probe droid

spawns a hazard trooper with machine gun

NPC SPAWN IMPWORKER spawns an imperial worker with blaster pistol

NPC SPAWN IMPERIAL spawns an imperial officer variant with regular blaster

NPC SPAWN SABOTEUR spawns an imperial spy with regular blaster

NPC SPAWN STCOMMANDER spawns a stormtrooper commander with machine gun

NPC SPAWN IMPCOMMANDER spawns an imperial officer with regular blaster

npc spawn cultist Spawns a Cultist using an E-11 blaster rifle

npc spawn cultist_grip Spawns a Cultist that uses Force Grip

npc spawn cultist_drain Spawns a Cultist that uses Force Drain

npc spawn cultist_lightning Spawns a Cultist that uses Force Lightning

npc spawn cultist_saber Spawns a weak saber-weilding Cultist

Harvest Moon Hero Sugar Town PSP Cheats

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Harvest Moon Hero Sugar Town PSP Cheats

Unlock a Horse

Work Part-Time for Bob regularly to be able to obtain a Horse from him in Summer without paying 5000G.

Unlock a Chicken

Work Part-Time for Ronald to obtain an Egg. Place it in the incubator and you will have your first Chicken.

Unlock Blue Mist Seeds

You need to raise Lyla to 20 FP and sell 4 crops to unlock Blue Mist Seeds in her Story Quest.

Unlockable the Mine

First you must work Part-Time for Rudolph regularly to unlock the Mine.

Unlock Forest

Work Part-Time for Woody regularly to unlock the Forest so you can chop Trees for Lumber.

Sniper Elite Xbox

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Sniper Elite Xbox Cheats

Cheat List

Use a profile name panzer for explosive bullets. Use a profile name stealth for all-silent bullets.

Explosive Rats

Use a profile named Ratbomb to make rats walking grenades. They explode when shot. (Unverified)

More Cheats

The following cheat will unlock all missions, God Mode, Infinite Ammo, Infinite Projectiles , Silent Mode , and Invisible Mode.

1. Create a New Profile with the name reb00. This unlocks all missions.

2. Select your mission and once gameplay has begun, press the START button to pause the game and bring up the game menu. You will see an additional option entitled 'Cheats'. Click on this and you enter another menu screen where you can toggle the various cheats ON/OFF.

3. Activate the cheat(s) you desire, then click the 'Accept' button. When you resume gameplay the cheats will be active.

Limit Exploit

To get more saves, do one save where you're well off. Restart the mission and kill yourself. When you get the continue menu, load the last save (your previous save) and the save limit should be back to seven.

Currently No Cheats Released for this Game

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The Developers have not released any cheats for the game Doctor Who Evacuation Earth on the DS, last updated 30-12-2010.

Currently No Cheats Released

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There are currently no cheats released for Anno: Create A New World on the Wii, the developers have yet to release any, last updated 1-22-2011.

Rocky Balboa Unlockables

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Rocky Balboa Unlockables

Unlock New Fighters

To unlock new fighter you must meet do the following:

Dave Fossan - Beat "Rocky Balboa VS Cluber Lang 1" in historical fights
Apollo Creed (Rocky IV) - Beat "Apollo Creed VS Ivan Dragon" in historical fights
Mason "The Line" Dixon - Beat "Rocky Balboa Vs Mason Dixon" in Historical Fights
Joe Czak - Beat "Clubber Lang Vs Rocky Balboa 2" in Historical Fights
Rocky V - Beat "Mason Dixon Vs Rocky balboa" in Historical Fights

Garden Party Wii cheats

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There are no cheats currently released for this game, last updated 23th May 2011.

marvel trading card game ds

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Unlimited points
You can win points to unlock cards and items in the shops by completing the tutorials over and over again in story mode. During any mission that has a tutorial, complete the puzzles after the tutorial then leave the mission without winning. When you go back to story mode and start again you will be prompted to do the tutorial and puzzles again. Repeat as long as you can stand it. Once you complete the mission you can't repeat the puzzles for points again so don't continue story mode until you are ready to stop banking points.

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