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Just Cause 2

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I Believe I Can Fly! Achievement
You have to base jump a height of 1000 meters for this achievement, which means you can't jump from a moving flying vehicle. Visit the Mile High Club airship at X:29584 Y:11435 and leap directly off of it to fall 1000 meters and unlock the

Top of the World Achievement
Entry Location:
X:20538 Y:11836

Take a flying vehicle to the coordinates X:20538 Y:11836 and walk around the peak of the cliff on foot to unlock this achievement. There is also a skull collectible up here.

Top Agent (20 points):
Bonus for completing the game on Normal difficulty.

Heroic Agent (30 points):
Bonus for completing the game on Experienced difficulty.

Legendary Agent (40 points):
Bonus for completing the game on Hardcore difficulty.

Gaining a Foothold (10 points):
Complete 3 stronghold takeovers

Conqueror of Panau (20 points):
Complete 9 stronghold takeovers.

A Trusted Ally (20 points):
Complete 49 faction missions.

First Taste of Chaos (10 points):
Cause chaos for the first time.

Saboteur (10 points):
Complete 150 sabotages.

Destroyer (20 points):
Complete 1000 sabotages.

Professional Hitman (20 points):
Assassinate 25 colonels.

Up to the Challenge 1 (10 points):
Complete 10 challenges.

Up to the Challenge 2 (20 points):
Complete 50 challenges.

Leaving No Rock Unturned (25 points):
Collect 1000 resource items.

Finders Keepers (15 points):
Collect 100 resource items.

Faction Benefactor (20 points):
Collect 150 faction items.

Globetrotter (20 points):
Discover 100 locations.

Freeroamer 1 (10 points):
Reach 100% complete in 15 locations.

Freeroamer 2 (20 points):
Reach 100% complete in 100 locations.

Body Count (15 points):
Kill 750 enemies.

Unarmed and Dangerous (15 points):
Kill 50 enemies using melee attacks.

Gravity is a *****! (15 points):
Kill 30 enemies by using the grappling hook and making them fall to their death.

Follow Me! (15 points):
Kill 5 enemies by dragging them behind a vehicle with the grappling hook.

Hang 'em High! (15 points):
Kill 30 enemies while they're suspended in the air with the grappling hook.

Wrecking Ball (15 points):
Kill 5 enemies by smashing them with an object tethered to your vehicle with the grappling hook.

Piñata Party (15 points):
Kill 5 enemies with the melee attack while they're suspended with the grappling hook.

Juggler (15 points):
Kill 30 enemies while they're in mid air.

Road Rage (10 points):
Kill 30 enemies by mowing them down with vehicles.

Marksman (15 points):
Kill 50 enemies with head shots.

Killing Frenzy (20 points):
Kill 20 enemies in 60 seconds.

Invincible Warrior (20 points):
Kill 50 enemies in a row with inventory weapons without losing health.

Destruction Frenzy (10 points):
Destroy 30 objects in 60 seconds.

Test Driver (10 points):
Drive 30 different vehicles.

Trying Everything Once (25 points):
Drive all 104 vehicles.

Road Trip (20 points):
Travel 75 kilometers by land vehicle.

Please Step Out of the Vehicle (10 points):
Hijack 50 enemy vehicles.

Stunt Driver (10 points):
Get 100 stunt driver points.

Halfway there (25 points):
Reach 50% completion in the normal mode or mercenary mode.

Parachute Climber (10 points):
Open the parachute and then land on foot 300 meters above the starting height.

I Believe I Can Fly (10 points):
Base jump 1000 meters.

Bridge Limbo (20 points):
Fly an airplane under 30 unique bridges in Panau.

Stunt Flyer (10 points):
Fly an airplane close to the ground for 30 seconds.

Perfectionist (25 points):
Reach 75% completion in the normal mode or mercenary mode.

Top of the World (10 points):
Stand on foot on the highest point of Panau

Secret Achievements

Welcome to Panau (10 points):
Complete Story Mission 1.

Casino Bust (20 points):
Complete Story Mission 2.

The White Tiger (30 points):
Complete Story Mission 3.

Mountain Rescue (40 points):
Complete Story Mission 4.

Three Kings (50 points):
Complete Story Mission 5.

Into the Den (60 points):
Complete Story Mission 6.

A Just Cause (70 points):
Complete Story Mission 7.

Hidden Race Track
Entry Location:
X=9170 Y=11413

Coordinates will take you to a small island full of fast cars and closed, winding roads for racing.

Whale Easter Egg
At the bottom right of the map on the Selatan Archipelago near X:29601 Y:31301 there is an enormous beached whale on the shore. Blowing the whale up with the timed explosive will reveal an armor part in the belly of the whale.

This is most likely a reference to the classic news video of a beached whale being blown up with explosives.

Billboard Easter Egg
Entry Location:
Baby Panay Billboard

Look for any billboard with the dictator Baby Panay on it, use your grappling hook so that Rico is positioned directly over his face and press the action button. Rico will draw glasses and a mustache onto the billboard

Happy Bubble Blaster
Entry Location:
X: 4245 Y: 25978

At these coordinates you'll find a tower in the middle of some cherry blossom trees. Use your grappling hook to get up into the tower and you'll find the Happy Bubble Blaster weapon on the table. You can equip it and spray bubbles on your enemies! Note that it doesn't do any damage but will still provoke the guards.

Killing Floor

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Killing Floor Cheats Console Cheats
Entry Location:

hit the ` key to bring down the console and type the following codes in and hit enter to get the desired effect.

setgravity # - Changes the gravity Ghost prevents players from being effected

Walk - Disables Noclip

Fly - Makes you Float

Allammo - Maxium Ammunition

Ghost - Noclip/Fly Mode

Slomo - Sets Higher, the faster physics, (is disabled after zedtime)

god - Toggle god mode (Once for on, again for off)

Behindview 1 - Use (1) or (0) to enable/disable third-person

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 Unlockables Achievements/Trophies

First Glory (10 points): Awarded for your first win.
Winning Streak (25 points): Awarded for winning 10 consecutive matches.
Come From Behind (15 points): Awarded when you come from behind and win.
Last-minute Win (10 points): Awarded when you score the winning goal in extra time.
World Tour (20 points): Awarded for playing at all the stadiums.
Gentleman (20 points): Awarded for an average foul rate of less than 1 per match in your 10 most recent matches.
Possession Play (25 points): Awarded for achieving a possession rate of 60% or higher in your 10 most recent matches.
Hat-trick Hero (35 points): Awarded for scoring 5 hat-tricks.
Ace Striker (40 points): Awarded for playing 20 matches, scoring in recent 5, averaging 2 goals per match.
FK specialist (40 points): Awarded when you score 5 direct free-kicks.
Long Ranger (50 points): Awarded when you score from 35m or more.
League Title (15 points): Awarded for winning one of the top leagues in [Master League]
European Elite 16 (20 points): Awarded for making the Knockout Stage of the UEFA Champions League in [Master League] .
Conquered Europe (30 points): Awarded when you win the Master League UEFA Champions League.
World Champions (80 points): Awarded for winning the Konami Cup in Master League.
Perfect Season (90 points): Awarded for an undefeated season in Master League winning League, Cup and UEFA Champions League.
No.1 Club (50 points): Awarded for topping the Club Ranking in Master League.
European Footballer of the Year (70 points): Awarded if a member of your team wins the European Footballer of the Year in Master League.
10 years of service (50 points): A title to honour 10 years of service in Master League.
Pro Debut (10 points): Awarded when you make your Become a Legend pro debut.
International Cup Debut (15 points): Awarded when you play in the Become a Legend International Cup.
International Cup MVP (30 points): Awarded when you receive the Become a Legend International Cup Player of the Tournament.
Wanderer (40 points): Awarded when you have played for 10 clubs in total in 4 countries in Become a Legend.
The Super Hero (50 points): Won both World Footballer of the Year and European Footballer of the Year titles in Become a Legend.
Winning Streak(Online) (20 points): Awarded when you have 5 successive Ranked match wins in the Online.
High Win Ratio(Online) (30 points): Awarded when you achieve a win ratio of above 75% in Last 20 results of Online.
Made the Knockout Stage (40 points): Awarded for making the Knockout Stage of the UEFA Champions League.
European Champions (70 points): Awarded when you win the UEFA Champions League.

Rock Band

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Band Hero Unlockables Unlockables

Adam Levine - Complete Gig on Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved
Adrian Young - Complete Gig on No Doubt - Don't Speak
Frankenrocker - Complete Diamond Bonus Challenge on Fall Out Boy - Sugar, We're Goin' Down
Gwen Stefani - Complete Gig on No Doubt - Just A Girl
Shadow Character - Complete Gold Bonus Challenge on David Bowie - Let's Dance
Taylor Swift - Complete Gig on Taylor Swift - Love Story
Tom Dumont - Complete Gig on No Doubt - Just A Girl
Tony Kanal - Complete Gig on No Doubt - Don't Speak

Air Instruments - Complete Platinum Bonus Challenge on Aly & AJ - Like Whoa
HUD Free Mode - Complete Platinum Bonus Challenge on Alphabeat - Fascination
Invisible Characters - Complete Platinum Bonus Challenge on Filter - Take A Picture

Unlock Bonus Characters
Adam Levine - Successfully complete the Maroon 5 "She Will Be Loved" gig.
Adrian Young - Successfully complete the No Doubt "Don't Speak" gig.
Frankenrocker - Successfully complete the Diamond Bonus Challenge for the Fall Out Boy "Sugar, We're Goin' Down" gig.
Gwen Stefani - Successfully complete the No Doubt "Don't Speak" gig.
Shadow Character - Successfully complete the Gold Bonus Challenge for the David Bowie "Let's Dance" gig.
Taylor Swift - Successfully complete the Taylor Swift "Love Story" gig.
Tom Dumont - Successfully complete the No Doubt "Don't Speak" gig.
Tony Kanal - Successfully complete the No Doubt "Don't Speak" gig.

James Cameron\'s Avatar The Game

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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game Unlockables Trophies

A God is Upon Us (Silver) - Get 10 kills in a row without dying.
Blue Lagoon Clean Sweep (Bronze) - Complete all Sector Challenges in Blue Lagoon.
Bring On All Comers! (Silver) - Complete 150 Multiplayer games.
Central Focus (Silver) - Win 5 'King of the Hill' matches.
Clean Sweep of Pandora (Gold) - Complete every Sector Challenge in the game.
Destructive Preservation (Silver) - As an RDA grunt, reach the end of the timer with 3 intact missiles.
Digital Bookworm (Silver) - Unlock 20 Pandorapedia articles.
FEBA Clean Sweep (Bronze) - Complete all Sector Challenges in the FEBA.
Flawless Victory (Silver) - Win 3-0 in 'Capture the Flag'.
Grave's Bog Clean Sweep (Bronze) - Complete all Sector Challenges in Grave's Bog.
Hanging Gardens Clean Sweep (Bronze) - Complete all Sector Challenges in the Hanging Gardens.
Iknimaya Clean Sweep (Bronze) - Complete all Sector Challenges in Iknimaya.
Jack of All Skills (Silver) - Use every Rank 4 skill 20 times.
Kxani`a Taw Clean Sweep (Bronze) - Complete all Sector Challenges in Kxanìa Taw.
Needle Hills Clean Sweep (Bronze) - Complete all Sector Challenges in Needle Hills.
Orientation Day Graduate (Bronze) - Complete your first Hell's Gate visit.
Pandora Master (Platinum) - Unlock all trophies.
Pandora's Protector (Silver) - As a Na'vi warrior, reach the end of the timer with 3 intact crystals.
Plains of Goliath Clean Sweep (Bronze) - Complete all Sector Challenges in Plains of Goliath.
Swotulu Clean Sweep (Bronze) - Complete all Sector Challenges in the Swotulu.
The Conqueror (Silver) - Win 5 'Capture and Hold' matches.
The Enemy's Bane (Silver) - Finish a Team Deathmatch with the most kills of either team.
Toruka" Na'ri`ng Clean Sweep (Bronze) - Complete all Sector Challenges in Torukä Na'rìng.
Turn the Tide (Silver) - Claim 50% of all territories.
Va'era" Ramunong Clean Sweep (Bronze) - Complete all Sector Challenges in Va'erä Ramunong.
Weapon of Choice (Silver) - Kill 100 enemies using the dual wasps or the bow.

BioShock 2

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[size=100]BioShock 2 Unlockables How to Easily Pass the Last Fight
Entry Location:
During the Final Fight

If you have fully researched the Houdini Splicer, and have natural camouflage equipped, then you're in luck. Just before the last fight, stand still for a couple of seconds. You will go invisible. When you are invisible no one will attack you. Don't move because you'll become visible, and when you do everything will attack you, and you can't turn invisible while being hit. Eventually Eleanor will say she can fight, and at that moment summon her. She will distract and fight everyone, allowing you to go invisible again. Eventually she will kill everyone so you can escape[/size]


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Mass Effect 2 Glitches Infinite Paragon / Renegade

During the game you unlock training to redistribute skill points. The Talent Mastery unlock adds a certain percentage to your paragon / renegade. Respec your character and distribute into your mastery over and over until paragon and renegade are full.

Mass Effect 2 Unlockables Unlock Alternate Costume Colors

New Colors for Party Members: Complete a party member's loyalty mission.

Unlock Loyalty Skills: Complete the Loyalty missions for each of your party members to unlock their individuals skills.

Bonus 25% Experience
Bonus 25% Experience: Once you beat the game on any difficulty all characters will gain an additional 25% experience bonus.

Mass Effect 2 Easter Eggs Sci-Fi Movie Reference *SPOILERS*

When EDI suggests giving her control of the ship to escape the Collectors', Joker refuses, screaming "If you start singing 'Daisy Bell' I'm done!" This references in last moments of the homicidal HAL computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Before he connects EDI to the control systems, he says "Great, this is where it starts, and when we're all just organic batteries, guess who they'll blame?" referring to The Matrix.

Mortal Combat Reference
When Jacob uses Pull, he will sometimes yell "Get over here!" This is a reference to Mortal Kombat's Scorpion, who yells the same thing when pulling enemies towards him.

Another Elevators Refference
During Miranda's loyalty mission, after getting on a very slow elevator with the first game's music, she hacks the elevator to move faster. This is a reference to the fan dislike of the first game's slow elevator rides.

Elevators Reference
If you travel around with Tali and Garrus the recurring party members, eventually they will have a conservation about the elevators. Garrus will remember it fondly remembering the interesting conservations they had about Quarrians. While Tali gets very upset about to the point of threatening Garrus with her shotgun to stop.

STALKER Call of Pripyat

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cuming soon

the elder scrolls IV oblivion

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burningrenadeHint - Increase Disposition Every Try
If you are trying to get a person to like you that has the persuasion option when you talk to him you can incrase the maximum disposition level a little bit more.

I've tested this trick out myself with some Imperial city gaurds and it works as long as you keep trying with the person until you reach the "Disposition Maxed" message on the persausion menu.

All you need to do is talk to the person you wish to persuade with your weapon DRAWN and then get him to like you through the persuasion ability until the menu says "Disposition Maxed." When you do that, simply stop talking to the character and put your weapon away, when you then go to the persuasion menu and look at the disposition level you will see it is somewhat higher(I believe the maximum posible disposition you can achive through this secret is ten). The amount you can get from this seems to depend on the NPC's persuasion level and your charcters persuaion level and the NPC may have a grudge with you or a bond with you from things you may have done to help or hurt them or your charcter may have infamy and/or fame, or the guild you belong in and your curent rank in that guild may affect the way this person feels about you.

I must also warn that certain charcters aren't possible to persuade mainly charcters involved with quests, (For example Baurus of the Blades.) jsachssoxHint - Exploiting The Unicorn
The unicorn offers tranquility. It's also unseasonably warm. If you have a uniorn, go to any city with a stable and stable the unicorn. Lock the unicorn inside while you are outside. Draw your weapon and the unicorn will get mad. A guard will go inside the stable and start attacking the unicorn. Close the gate in after the guard while remaining outside. The unicorn will kill the guard and you can loot the body.

Each guard has a key to his respective city. You can then fast travel to a different city and you can do it again. Some of the stables have a way for the unicorn to get out, so beware. If the unicorn gets one attack in, it will probably kill you. The only way to kill unicorns is with daedric, magic, or silver weapons.s7164shaneHint - Increase Alteration
There is a manor in Anvil in which there is a hidden room in the basement that only a member of the family who sold you the manor can open. You may attempt to cast any spells that unlocks doors on the "portal" on the wall (but it will never unlock). However, even failing will increase your alteration skill and eventually you can reach 100.siriustigrefHint - Sigil Stone Picker
The gates generate a random plane of oblivion along with a random sigil stone. Go through the tower all the way to the top, till you reach the sigil stone. Simply save the game before the stone spawns and you can re-randomize the stone by re-loading the game, if it's not to your liking.Hint: Infinite Money Giltch #2
There's another way to earn infinite money without having to do anything illegal. Become a vampire and complete the Cure for Vampirism quest. At the end of the quest, talk to the Count of Skingrad about "Reward" to get the 1,000 gold reward. You can then continue to talk to the Count about "Reward" to get 1,000 gold every time. Take advantage of this bug quickly! When you're done talking to the Count, he'll head upstairs to his chambers, which are heavily locked.XKahn verti89Hint - Sneak Walk Increase (Requires Rufio)
The Inn of Ill Omen is located Northwest of Bravil along the road. In the basement of it is a guy named Rufio. As long as you are reasonably quiet he will sleep forever allowing you to sneak around the room increasing the skill easily. Just put your guy facing a corner and rig the stick to keep walking and you gain a new level roughly every minute (early on). Note that if you killed Rufio as part of the Dark Brotherhood's quest, you won't be able to use this exploit.Erik-IGNHint - This Fight's Freaking Easy
Having trouble with strong monsters or opponents? Work a bit on your Alchemy skill and learn to concoct potions to "Damage Health". Combine such potions with your most potent weapon and hit your enemy a few times, then run off and cackle like a maniac while your quarry dies within minutes. (Repeat as necessary).trddisruptorHint - Free Iorn Arrows
Go to the arena in the Imperial city and watch the blue team archer shoot arrows. Half the time you can go in there, the arrows the archers shoots will be there and you can simply take them without being labelled a thief. Naturally, you may want to save before attempting this.pherr68 herrmindlessHint - Sneak Walk Increase (Requires Armand)
There is a way for you to get your sneak skill to rise very quickly in the game. When you have the option to join the theives guild by meeting Armand at the Imperial Water Front garden around 11 pm, accept his task. He will offer you the option to buy lockpicks. Don't buy any. Go into sneak mode and go behind him. Not only will you get the lockpicks from him for free, you can also repeatedly pickpocket him to build up your sneak skill and all he'll say is to go ahead, he doesn't need it anyway.daedalus42 whardes2Hint - Arena Blindspot
This requires your acrobatics to be fairly high (always jump when travelling to increase it), since you need to jump to a spot that's normally out of reach. The blind spot is not immune to ranged weapons or spells, but for the most part, you can take down enemy combatants with your ranged weapons or spells without a loss.

Naturally, save your game before you attempt this.

As soon as the fight starts, run to the left. There is a gray stone pillar, next to the gate. Just jump on and up onto it, as high as you can. Often your opponent is there attacking you so the force of the attack may actually push you onto the short pillar.

If you do it right, you can stay perched up there, safely out of reach of most melee fighters. You can proceed to destroy your opponents with arrows or other ranged attacks at your disposal.Hint: Stealing From Blind NPCs
I tested this on armor only, but I see no reason why it wouldn't work for any item if it's large enough for your atavism to collide with it.

First off, go to any armor shop that has a piece of armor on display that you want. Jump up onto the shop keep's counter and just run into and knock the armor item off the counter. This is not illegal and noone will even care. Next, keep kicking it by running into it multiple times until you have the item in a corner away from the view of the shop keeper.

The shop owner will actually follow you around the shop while you run about. Get him/her to follow you to the opposite end of the store, then quickly run back to where you placed the armor item. Use the sneak ability and pick it up before they see you. Done.

Infinite Money Glitch
In the Talos district of the Imperial City is the house of a man named Dorian. Enter the house and kill Dorian. When looting his body, highlight his gold and press A...and keep on pressing. His gold will never run out, giving you access to infinite funds. You can return to Dorian's house to loot money later, but his corpse will disappear after a few days.


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G-Force Unlockables Trophies
100% Complete (Platinum) - You have unlocked every other trophy.
Assembly Lines (Bronze) - Finish mission
Big Spender (Bronze) - Spent more than 10000 Sabersense chips at kiosks
Central Computer (Bronze) - Finish mission
Chip Manufacture (Bronze) - Finish mission
Cluster Rifle Expert (Bronze) - Defeated 100 enemies with Cluster Rifle
Clusterstorm (Bronze) - Finish mission
Combat Expert (Bronze) - 500 enemies defeated
Combat Trainee (Bronze) - 100 enemies defeated
Combat Veteran (Silver) - 1000 enemies defeated
Countdown (Bronze) - Finish mission
Distinguished Service Medal (Gold) - Completed game twice
Distribution Center (Bronze) - Finish mission
FBI Infiltration (Bronze) - Finish mission
Flame Thrower Expert (Bronze) - Defeated 100 enemies with Flame Thrower
Freeze Gun Expert (Bronze) - Defeated 100 enemies with Freeze Gun
G-Force Agent (Silver) - Completed game on Hard difficulty setting
G-Force Rapid Response Agent (Gold) - Completed game in under 8 hours (on any difficulty setting)
G-Force Recruit (Silver) - Completed game on Normal difficulty setting
G-Force Special Agent (Silver) - Complete the game on 'Special Agent' difficulty
G-Force Trainee (Silver) - Completed game on Easy difficulty setting
G-Force Wings (Silver) - Fly more than 2km with Mooch
Incendiary Charge Grenadier (Bronze) - Defeated 50 enemies with Incendiary Charges
Intelligence Expert (Silver) - Scan 100 items in the game
Locate The Real Saber (Bronze) - Finish mission
Marching Agent (Silver) - Walk more than 20km with Darwin
Master Agent (Silver) - Fully upgraded character with all possible weapons and upgrades
NanoHack Expert (Bronze) - Defeated 50 enemies using NanoHacked enemies
Plasma Gun Expert (Bronze) - Defeated 100 enemies with Plasma Gun
RDV Escape (Bronze) - Finish mission
RDV Homing Missile Expert (Bronze) - Defeated 50 enemies with RDV Homing Missiles
RDV Pulse Cannon Expert (Bronze) - Defeated 50 enemies with RDV Pulse Cannon
RDV Retreat (Bronze) - Finish mission
Reactor (Bronze) - Finish mission
Rescue Saber (Bronze) - Finish mission
Saberling Offices (Bronze) - Finish mission
Satellite Maintenance (Bronze) - Finish mission
Sharpshooter (Silver) - Achieved an average hit rate of at least 80% with projectile weapons
Shot Bolter Expert (Bronze) - Defeated 100 enemies with Shot Bolter
Silver Data Disk Discoverer (Silver) - Collected 50% (25) of all Silver Data Disks in the game
Silver Data Disk Expert (Gold) - Collected 100% (50) of all Silver Data Disks in the game
Snowball Unleashed (Bronze) - Finish mission
Tooled-Up Agent (Bronze) - Purchased all new weapons and weapon upgrades (excluding ammo capacity)
Wealthy Agent (Silver) - Accumulate more than 5000 Sabersense chips

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