Alternate Costumes

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Super Gamer Dude

Resident Evil Revelations Wii U alternative costumes.

Carry out the following tasks in the specified mode to the corresponding costume.
Note Successfully complete the main campaign to use costumes in Story mode.

Chris BSAA Mission Reach Player Level 30.
Chris Sailor Inflict 100,000 points of damage to an enemy in one hit in Raid mode.
HUNK Umbrella Complete all stages on the Abyss difficulty with an 'S' rank.
Jessica Arctic Complete all Raid mode stages on the Chasm difficulty.
Jessica FBC Reach Player Level 40.
Jessica Scuba Complete all Raid mode stages on the Trench difficulty.
Jill BSAA Mission Obtain a super rare weapon.
Jill Pirate Complete The Ghost Ship bonus stage.
Keith Arctic Complete Campaign Episodes 4 - 6.
Keith Ninja Reach Player Level 50.
Keith Office Complete all stages on the Chasm difficulty with an 'S' rank.
Morgan Executive Suit Complete all stages on the Trench difficulty with an 'S' rank.
Norman Veltro Complete all stages on the Abyss difficulty.
O'Brian BSAA Coat Reach Player Level 20.
Parker BSAA Mission Earn 10 bonuses in Raid mode.
Parker FBC Defeat 10,000 enemies in Raid mode.
Quint Arctic Reach Player Level 5.
Quint Office Obtain all super rare weapons.
Rachael FBC Earn a 'Trinity Bonus' in Raid mode.
Raymond FBC Reach Player Level 10.