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April 30, 2014

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Child on Light is a fairytale role-playing game created by the talented Ubisoft Montreal team using the UbiArt Framework. The Black Queen stole the sun, moon and stars. You play Aurora, a young princess with a pure heart, whose soul is connected to the kingdom of Lemuria. Find the three sources of light, defeat the Black Queen, and restore the Kingdom of Lemuria.

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Child of Light on the PC is a side scrolling 2D role-playing video game created and developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. The first thing that most people will notice when they start up Child of Light on the PC is that it looks absolutely gorgeous. The game uses the engine behind the latest Rayman games, Ubi Art, and that engine is used to great effect to create Child of Light's luscious backgrounds and extremely detailed characters. Everything in the game seems to flow with a specific purpose across the screen as fluidly as you might imagine the vibrant characters in a storybook, and sometimes I would just sit there and watch the idle animations.

The games soundtrack complements the visuals perfectly, no matter what is happening on the screen. Many soundtracks have trouble transitioning between actions, but Child of Light manages to swiftly move between wandering the surreal world to challenging enemies in battle. But the problems I have with Child of Light have nothing to do with the game's visuals or music - because the moment you actually begin playing the game, the problems begin.

Child of Light's art style evokes children's storybooks successfully, but its attempts at evoking that same feeling through it's other mechanics tend to fail miserably. Take for example the core combat mechanic, which feels similar to the mechanics often found in Japanese RPGs from the Super Nintendo days. On the surface, its simplification of the mechanics into a loop of realizing when you need to interrupt or not interrupt is entertaining, but this loop quickly grows old on the PC.

If Child of Light took about half the time that it does to beat, perhaps this mechanic would hold up - but the fact is that I quickly slammed into the limitations that surrounded the system. There is absolutely no equipment or anything of the sort to customize or upgrade your character, meaning that the way you fight enemies at the start of the game is more or less identical to the way that you began the game. This makes the gameplay easy to understand but ultimately far too monotonous to last.

In the same vein, Child of Light's story starts out interesting enough but refuses to really move beyond its starting point. The world and the tale that Child of Light sets up in its opening minutes are endlessly intriguing, but the game doesn't even begin to deliver on any of that promise. Instead of trying to dig deeper into the roots of the story, the game's dialogue uses endless rhyming - but not even traditional rhymes. Some of the ideas and characters are furthered ever so slightly, but as a whole the potential is never realized.

At its core, that is exactly what Child of Light on the PC ended up symbolizing for me - unrecognized potential. Watching trailers for this game made me so excited for the possibilities that I imagined could be realized within the context of a game like this - and even just the first few hours of the games carried with them the same giddy anticipation. Eventually though, I realized that Child of Light was going to do nothing with the things that most people will find interesting about it.

That is not to say that I wouldn't recommend Child of Light to people, though. The art style is absolutely incredible, and the gameplay does hold up for quite a while - which is enough for me to feel good about the purchase. If you are looking for the full package though, you will want to look somewhere else. Any momentum that Child of Light on the PC had is completely lost by the end of the game, and you end up coming away from the game utterly disenfranchised.

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April 30, 2014

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