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November 25, 2008

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Chrono Trigger has been a masterpiece of SquareSoft for the past 13 years. With the epic story and different possible endings to this adventure game, you will certainly crave for more.

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This blast from the past is all about an endearing cast of characters with incredible story lines that took places in all the ages from past, future to present. The story starts when Chrono, the main character of the game celebrates the millennial anniversary of their Kingdom- Guardia by sleeping in. His mom wakes him up and flees to the festivities, he then ends up watching a demonstration of a teleportation device which unfortunately malfunctions and takes him and one of his friends through a rift in the space-time continuum. Having only a spiky hair and a wooden sword, Chrono together with his friend Marle makes their way out through the past to prevent the situation that they are in. Unfortunately, on their journey to fixing the mistakes that they have done in the past; they end up preventing a tragedy in the future instead.

As you go along the game, you will be encountering allies which will help you save the future. These exceptional casts of allies include the heroic Frog who was a medieval knight before he became an amphibian, Robo who is a humanoid robot from the far future who has a passion for gardening and Ayla who is a strong chieftain of a tribe. These exceptionally strong individuals will be your allies for vanquishing the villains like Azala, the queen of a race of powerful dinosaurs, Magus, a powerful sorcerer also known as Feinlord. From the beginning to the ending of this adventure, you will be satisfied with the excellent combination of storytelling and character development as you progress through the game.

The combat system of this game allows you to control three separate parties separately and permits you to combine the skills that each character posses in order to create a bigger, more powerful technique. With the time traveling that the main character can do, you need to be careful when making that traveling since it may vary the present world or the future. This can cause the gameplay to change as well as results that you can get from your quests.

Visually, this game hasn’t change through the years but the story lines and other extra contents can be very much stimulating and challenging.

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Release Date:

November 25, 2008

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