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July 27, 2010

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Clash of the Titans is an action-adventure game which is a remake of the 1981 film, which follows the hero Perseus through epic confrontations with the gods and monsters of Greek mythology. The play of the game revolves around free-flowing combat, using supernatural weapons and fighting moves against powerful monsters and demigod villains. Himself an Olympian descendant, though living on Earth as a mortal man, Perseus embarks on a life-defining quest for truth and honor, as overarching themes of godly battle between Zeus and Hades manifest in unusual opportunities and setbacks throughout the plot. Each level offers different considerations to the adventure, as players gain powers and items to help them solve new puzzle-types and meet new combat challenges.

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Despite the substantial content of the game, there is far too much redundancy to keep the attention of the player for a long time, and given the fact that it will take twenty hours or so to get to the conclusion of the game it does require a long attention span and this is likely to be too long for the quality of the content. The video game draws heavily on mythology and tells the story of the life of Perseus who is the mortal son of the chief of the gods,Zeus. Perseus is caught in the middle of some mischievous fighting between the gods, and you, as Perseus, are seeking vengeance for the death of your adopted family for which Hades, who is the lord of the underworld, responsible.

The adventure is never smooth sailing for the main character, and during the course of the game you will encounter various forms of evil characters. Your primary defensive technique against these are the light and heavy attacks but also a button press will be capable of releasing special attacks such as axe swings or perhaps a number of blades from your preferred weapon. The fights most of the time involve more than one assailant and so the best way to survive is to choose to fight one at a time, choosing to fight more than one if they are already weak.

Taking down a particular opponent quickly will earn you rewards which include bones, metals and gems which can be utilized for weapon upgrades. If a specific weapon has distinct capabilities the game may need you to find certain selected items or materials.

There is not much thinking required in playing since there is no puzzle solving involved. Some thinking is required unintentionally however to unravel the texts for the quests which are on the whole very unclear, making the player struggle to make out what the game wants him to do.

The environments presented in the game are recurring and repetitive especially as very often the players find themselves revisiting the same sites more than once to look for a certain item or to take down a particular opponent.

The challenge mode in the Clash of the Titans comprises specific missions which you have previously finished in the single player mode, and which are not so enjoyable the second time around. Aside from this, the lack of refinement of the audio and visual effects will also add to the list of downsides. While the soundtrack may be suitable to the tone of the game, it is frequently repetitive.

On the whole, the game experience is predictable, and despite the diverse and customizable loadouts of weaponry and a storyline based on the rich mythological tradition, the monotonous delivery and wearisome campaign will make you unwilling to play the game more than a couple of times.

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July 27, 2010

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