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September 08, 2009

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DiRT 2 on the PSP will take players on a World Tour to compete in aggressive multi-car and intense solo race events in the most diverse and challenging real-world environments. Career paths will span the globe as players unlock tours in stunning locations spread across the face of the planet. Races within the USA, Japan, Malaysia, Baja, Croatia and others await as players climb to the pinnacle of modern competitive off-roading. Events include exhilarating rally cross in the massive Los Angeles sports stadium’s "Stadium King Shootout," edge-of-control canyon racing of Utah’s "Creek Trailblazer" event, the "Rawang Rally Run" along treacherous Malaysian rainforest tracks and the "Battersea Battle," where night races are staged at the iconic London power station.

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They have done another great job with Dirt 2. With its great audio, visual effects and details on the tracks, it is the game that you shouldn't miss. It is good for starters and veterans as well. With the different level difficulties that will put you to painstaking decision making and actions, you will probably be doing nothing for the whole day than try to finish the game.

With the six levels of tracks, the game is quite short but with each track you will find yourself hooked because they are very hard to survive. You will starting with the Subaru which is your first car and then add more cars to your garage through winning the coming levels. You can also make your cars beautiful by customizing their interiors.

What gives credit to this game is its detailed graphics. These are truly awesome! The lush tropics of Malaysia and Morocco are only few of the locations that you will experience in the Dirt Tour. The sound of the roaring engines, metal scrunch are really captivating. Ken Block and Travis Pastrana are featured competitors in the race. Is it not amusing knowing that you are going to play with these guys?

The name Dirt fit well with the games storyline. Driving in gravel, deserts, and muddy tracks depicts it a lot. Though there are lots of good points in this racing game, it hasn't surpassed Dirt 1 with regards to the variety, practicality and reality. It lacks true rally races. Courses are shorter that lasts for only 3 minutes and you can complete the track even three times in a row. The multiplayer campaign is quite realistic. You will be playing with different racers and travel the world.

Though some gamers will say that this game is just a waste of time because of its many flaws but I will say that this game really captured me. The detail given to the backgrounds even if you will be traveling at high speed won't mean that you can't appreciate it because you still have the instant review mode to slowly show your progress along the way. It was really great.

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Oct 29, 2014

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September 08, 2009

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