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September 08, 2009

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Dirt 2 is a racing game that you will not be able to put down. There are over 30 cars to pick from and upgrades can be purchased for your rides for an endless amount of gameplay.

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Dirt 2 is great. For first time race drivers, this game will be your training ground. You will be competing with the best drivers in the world like Travis Pastrana and Ken Block. There are varieties of action in each level and you will not be bored with them because they are not that easy to put down. With this game from the Codemaster, race drivers whether first timers or veterans will get stuck in the game.

You will start with your first car which is the Subaru. Actually, there are 35 cars or more in the game and they are measured from one to ten for speed, handling and acceleration. You can upgrade your car by purchasing kits for the race. Dirt 2 doesnÂ’t have control malfunctions. Controls are really easy to use with the Xbox 360. You can easily jump through different ramps, very tight corners or big jumps. You can add cars to your garage as you continue with your adventure. You can even beautify the interiors of your car.

AI drivers make things to stop your progress. They will bump you or collide with other AI controlled racers. There are six levels to race through with varieties of adventures. Your psychomotor skills will be of great help in this racing game to swerve around obstacles and decide onto what to do next. Dirt Tour can also be selected online. Domination is the best in the tour. You can earn points even if you were wiped out. The Last Man Standing is another event of the online game.

Be it single or multiplayer, Codemaster really did a great job even for new comers. The details on the different tracks is really given much time to develop even if you will spend only a little time to look at it because you will be traveling at very high speed. Though there are certain flaws in the game like the very long hours you need to complete an event and its limited number of tracks is quite disappointing. However, it is a good game!

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Release Date:

September 08, 2009

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