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October 07, 2008

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Crash Bandicoot: Mind Over Mutant is a direct follow-up to the previous year's Crash of the Titans and uses many of the same ideas, foremost being the ability to hijack mutant monsters. Crash can ride the monsters he 'jacks to otherwise inaccessible areas, or into battle against otherwise deadly enemies. Even when Crash is on foot, there are still plenty of baddies to spin out of the way, but Mind Over Mutant aims to provide a less combat-, more platform-focused experience than its predecessor. There are over a dozen mutant monsters for Crash to commandeer, and each one has different special platforming abilities. Areas can be freely explored and revisited, allowing players to try different mutants and abilities throughout the game.

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The story of the game is about Crash Bandicoot who is the only marsupial who can stop the vicious Dr. Neo Cortex who is causing a lot of troubles in Wumpa Island. The main playerÂ’s primary role is to take control of different mutants in order for you to play as them while you utilize their powers to go through obstacles. This can add to the variation of the game, yet the backtracking period which you will perform along with a camera that has a lot of problems will make your adventure be tiresome even if you have not reached its finality.

Game makes use of humorous cutscenes at the outset which also utilize a variety of cartoon styles. The early missions can do good to make you familiar with the controls designed for jumping, underground digging, combat fights and many more. However, because of the many missions that you will tackle in order to get to another setting, you will likely return to the beginning again. For example, when you are done going through some platforms and hazards and have completed your objective, you will likely do it again and oftentimes, it will be in a backward manner.

Missions you will undertake involve many combat encounters and the offensive moves you will be using will include a melee attack which is basic, a more potent block-breaking attack and you should have at least a special move specific to a character. Unluckily, Crash is not entirely fun to play with considering that his abilities are limited than the mutants. His ability to spin is not remarkable when compared to the ability of the RhinoRoller to become a spike-covered ball and then steamroll the enemies.

Once you progress with the game, you can actually play with a friend acting as the sister of Crash or he can also take the form of Aku Aku which is a wooden mask that has the capability to float around the screen with the task of collecting items and throwing chickens to opponents. Both roles can be fun but only short-lived.

Crash Bandicoot: Mind Over Mutants has appearance, sounds and many more identical to Crash of the Titans. Even if the combat system is already getting better, however, this will not be sufficient to resist the negative bearing which the recent design of the free-roaming world has undertake. The cutscenes also will not prove to be helpful although, they really are a delight but their appearance will be too late and once you have unlocked them, it will already be too late. If you have high hopes with the game, you will only end up disappointed.

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October 07, 2008

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