Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars - PSP

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August 07, 2007

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Release Date: 08/27/2007


Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars brings multiplayer gameplay to Crazy Taxi for the first time. It`s an all-out bumper brawls as cabbies race, ram, smash and dash to steal fares and score big tips. Hilarious new features that allow players to meddle with their opponents in brand new ways. Players will ram their opponent`s cab to steal their fare or use the new interference feature to make them crash or slow down their fare delivery time. This is no ordinary cab ride -- this is war!


  • New multiplayer function via Ad Hoc: Go head-to-head and compete for the highest fare. As a bonus, a turn-based multiplayer feature is also available that allows two players to challenge each other on a single PSP system.
  • Custom Music Player: Transfer your favorite songs to the PSP system to create your own personalized soundtrack.
  • Mega mini-games: There are 32 mini-games where you can perfect your skills, making it ideal for people on the go.
  • Intuitive controls: Crazy Taxi maintains its classic arcade-style gameplay with easy pick-up-and-play controls.
  • Save your best games: Show off your best fare runs to friends.
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Release Date:

August 07, 2007

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