Crimson Gem Saga - PSP

Release Date:

May 26, 2009


Crimson Gem Saga on the PSP (PlayStation Portable) is all about the fundamentals of RPG fun: lush hand-drawn visuals, an engaging fantasy tale, and an easy-to-use interface. That's not to leave out the fast, turn-based combat, ambush attacks, combo chains, and special attacks involving multiple party members. And you certainly would not want to overlook the stellar musical score and voice work. Vibrant, colorful, and distinctive, this is a world that will draw and keep you inside the fantasy. The player is also presented with beautiful, high-resolution 2-D artwork, novel battle mechanics, adventure, and heroism, Crimson Gem Saga delivers the pure, classic Japanese RPG play experience PSP owners have been clamoring for since the hardware's launch.

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Release Date:

May 26, 2009

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