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September 16, 2008

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Crysis Warhead presents gamers with a parallel story intended to be more technologically accessible than Crytek Studios' critically lauded but hardware-straining 2007 title Crysis. Players take on the role of the aptly nicknamed Sergeant "Psycho" Sykes as he makes use of an expanded arsenal of customizable weapons and vehicles on the hunt for a ruthless North Korean general. The action once again takes place throughout lush, highly destructible jungles, and players again have the choice of taking a stealth route, or engaging the enemy in intense battles.

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There is plenty of gun activity in this game; it is the perfect game for anyone who loves games with guns. There is intense action in the game, the visuals are stunning and they run and look much better than in the previous versions. There is an addition of multiplayer maps. The improved AI which makes fighting by the aliens much better. However, the game has a few bugs, like you will find the AI still has the same old tricks that make the game a bore.

Crysis Warhead looks much better now with great graphics sensibilities, denser environments. You will also find more fun driving the vehicles, the firefights as well are more intense and focused and the aliens are floating all over around you. The game is also added a new multiplayer mode, a more exciting campaign and a number of new maps. For those who haven’t played Crysis previously, they will find Warhead confusing initially.

In the game you will play as Sergeant Psycho Sykes.Pscho does not want to follow any of the set rules and he plays on his own rules. Psycho is even willing to jump into a fight if the situation requires so. There is also the situation where you and your troops are investigating an Island on the Tropics. Here you will encounter aliens who turn the beautiful beaches and the lavish jungles into a frozen wasteland. You and your troops dress in clothes that have special abilities to give you strength, super speed, additional armor; you also get the ability to cloak!

There are a number of ways in which you can approach assaults on the beachfront's and on the Korean encampments. One of the ways is by dressing in your suits cloak and sneaking in, you can also attach a silencer to your sniper rifle and you will take out your human enemies from a distance. If you want to use hit and run tactics, you can get into the battle, cause a commotion and use the speed of your suit to run away. Warhead is more focused on the gun fighting and you will find yourself engaged in dangerous missions with some objective. When the game begins the number of enemies is not many, but when you get to the secondary destination you will be overwhelmed by the large number of foes who are both alien and human. Bear in mind that the human also are dressed in the nanosuits so it not easy fighting them to defeat.

There is also another great sequence, the train level which looks like many of the other sequences but in this level you use the towers to shoot, and you can also jump off the train and engage the opposition in a fight that gives the game a good replay value. Playing Warhead should take you about six hours to complete. The game is reasonably priced, at $30 .Anybody who owns a PC should try out this game, it is a good game.

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September 16, 2008

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