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October 26, 2010

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In CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Fatal Conspiracy, five interrelated murder cases will test your forensic and analytical skills in this continuation of Ubisoft's CSI series on PlayStation 3. As with previous games based on the top-rated crime drama on CBS, gameplay involves closely examining the crime scenes, gathering potential evidence using tools of the trade, and analyzing fingerprints, DNA, voice samples, and more with high-tech lab equipment. In each investigation, you'll be partnered with a character from the television series, voiced by the original actor. You'll also get to interview witnesses and suspects in your attempt to solve each murder as efficiently as possible.

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CSI: Fatal Conspiracy PS3 Review

There are only a few TV series which have a lasting appeal and a platform or genre that can withstand the test of time. Actually, only a handful of them could spawn spin offs as successfully as the CSI franchise. Billions of fans worldwide follow the show, no matter that it is criticised by the authorities as being overly dramatic and uses techniques not approved by law. Whatever! The fact is, this is the only way people can have their fun and entertainment and learn along the way.

Then comes along CSI: Fatal Conspiracy, a crime solving adventure that is interesting, gripping, challenging and twisted in a good and learning way. The game has a lot of chapters and numerous characters all based on the award winning show. The player has to solve each of the chapters and needs to be as tenacious in the search for clues as those guys on TV are. There is also a chance to interrogate the usual suspects. This may sound simple and non-challenging for the unfamiliar, but all CSI fans know that not everything they see is what it appears to be.

The gamer will find themselves in the middle of a crime scene for each of the chapters. Always there is a murder victim and always there are clues that the gamer needs to discover and string together to form a coherent theory of how the crime took place. After all the clues are recovered, there is a need to get to the lab. Take note, if the player does not successfully get all of the clues from the scene there is no way to solve the problem, or in this case the heinous crime.

Now that everything good has been written up about CSI: Fatal Conspiracy, I have to talk about the bad, and boy, it can be bad. The idea behind the game is fascinating and should have made the gameplay seriously fantastic, but the developers failed to follow through.

The controls and the interface are a trifle slow, to say the least. The cursor is sluggish which could be quite irritating when trying to get through the mess of clues. There is not freewill for the player, it is so rigid that I felt forced to do something which I did not want to do and I felt that this led me several times to do something wrong.

Then there is the mobile phone thing – most of the game is centered on the use of the mobile and there is a need to constantly use this. After a while I found that I did not have to depend on it the phone and its many features, so that was a lot of time wasted. Honestly, there is still a lot of stuff that needs to be improved for CSI: Fatal Conspiracy for the game sort of really became a victim of the shortcomings of the developers.

This game needs a total overhaul and I hope the developers see that for this has a lot of potential and should have been a keeper. Crossing my fingers here.

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Nov 27, 2014

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October 26, 2010

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