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August 25, 2009

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Cursed Mountain takes gamers back to the late '80s and puts them in the role of Eric Simmons, a mountaineer who has trekked to the Himalayan mountain Chomolonzo in order to investigate the disappearance of his reckless younger brother. Not only must Simmons contend with the brutal forces of nature at 20,000 feet, but he must also do battle with the cursed souls of dead adventurers, villagers, and Buddhist monks who did not properly respect the mountain, and have been left in limbo in the Shadow World. Players must use the Wii Remote's motion controls to climb and fight enemies, and Deep Silver claims its graphics engine, combined with the mountain's top-of-the-world vantage point, lets players view the entire game world at all times.

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Release Date: 11/17/2009

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Cursed Mountain is a great horror adventure. The designer did a great job on the details of the backgrounds and the enemies. The visuals are peachy and you will really feel frosty and chilly every time you come across the different levels. The story also includes the Buddhist rituals and memories. Through its background, you will really feel that you are in the cold mountains of the Himalayas, not that I have been there, it is just my impression of what it would feel like if I went there.

Cursed Mountain is a slow-paced survival horror game. This game is for those who want to enjoy the graphics and learn the story of the Tibetan people and their rituals. You will play as Eric Simmons in search of his lost brother Frank, while exploring one of the mountains of the Himalayas, the Chomolonzo. The mountain goddess is not happy with the unwelcome visit, what did I do? Your journey will include investigation of Buddhist temples and Sherpa villages in search for artifacts and clues and learn how was Frank’s climb, his attitude towards the people and their culture.

Your climb becomes spookier when you collect notes from villagers and monks, these are actual rituals and traditions depicted from a realm known as Bardo. Realistically done that it depicts what you would see if you climb the Himalayas like the tents, and the flags swaying in the cold icy wind. You will be excited on the stealing of ghosts’ mantras and measuring mountain walls, checking doors, and using your remote as a walkie-talkie to ask someone to guide you to get out of a maze. You will collect oxygen to be able to continue with the journey or else you will be depleted with oxygen because of the altitude.

The controls are great in some part that it also uses different movements to form a combo to defeat your enemies but sometimes it doesn’t work well especially in a fast battle. The controls become sluggish at times. Each gesture or movement represents a symbolic ritual for the Himalayans. You will collect relics to add to your collection and do damage to attackers. You can also see through the Bardo for clues but this makes the screen hazy.

The audio is also great. The swooshing of air, Eric’s heavy breath will cause you to shiver which make this game cool and eerie. The actions are sometimes repetitive in boss battles though they throw different attacks on you, you will do the same attacks over and over again. Cursed Mountain would be the greatest horror adventure only if the control issue has been diagnosed properly.

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August 25, 2009

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