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7.2 / 10
All told, Dark Sector is a shooter that feels refined in its execution. It doesn’t have a strong story, but if that’s what you need to shoot a bunch of bad guys, then there are other games out...
by D3 Publisher
Release Date: 03/25/2008


Bringing dramatic third-person shooter action to huge, steampunk-inspired environments, Damnation for PS3 puts a range of unique weapons in your hands and lets you test the limits of the human body by performing acrobatic stunts to move through vertical levels. Set in an early 20th century world where the Civil War never ended, this game will have you climbing walls, commanding killer vehicles, and seeking out ways to stop industrialists with a thirst for totalitarian power.

  • Take up a rough fight against the PSI in a world inspired by American history and steampunk aesthetics
  • Explore huge, detailed environments that maximize the impact of vertical space and levels that each include up to three hours of game play
  • Cling to ledges, hang from scaffolding, slide down ropes and climb up them, all while taking part in firefights
  • Use your unique Spirit Vision ability to see friends and enemies through walls or from far away
  • Experience four distinct multiplayer modes and support for up to eight players on each map

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