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October 04, 2011

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Demon's Souls features an all-new storyline and setting. The action role-playing game will still retain its predecessor's challenging gameplay, which relies heavily on trial-and-error exploration across regions filled with traps, dungeons, monsters, and other dangers that can kill the unprepared adventurer in an instant. New features include a more seamlessly connected world with different terrain elevations, more varied weapons and magic items, and more freedom to develop and shape your character the way you want instead of being limited by a specific class or job. Also new is the ability to light a "beacon fire," which serves as a recovery point when characters die as well as a meeting point for sharing experience.

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Demon's Souls features an all-new storyline and setting. The action role-playing game will still retain its predecessor's challenging gameplay, which relies heavily on trial-and-error exploration a...
by Namco Bandai Games
Release Date: 10/04/2011

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Dark Souls is an open world action role-playing video game originally developed and published for PlayStation 3. It is a a predecessor to Demon Souls, arguably one of the most rewarding and difficult games on the PS3. Dark Souls is now released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles and is centered in a large and contiguous open world environment, which gives the player the ability to travel to and from areas, as well as explore various available paths. The gameplay mainly consist of dungeon crawling, and acting style weapon combat, which is very smooth and very difficult. The game does not put such a huge emphasis on the story, more on the gameplay.

Dark Souls is the interesting story of your hero attempting to save an this weird world that from what can be seen, fell a very long time ago. Huge terrifying creatures make there homes all over this dark world. A handful of straggled humans are all that is left, and your free to talk to them or to kill them, but beware they will lie to you. And the best thing of all is that the game literally kills you off between character creation and the first cut-scene.Dark Souls seems to go beyond all expectations fans had for this game.

Dark Souls offers you a small arsenal of attacks, parries, evasive maneuvers, and parries. The combat in Dark souls is a deadly dance, and when each of your attacks lands on your target, you will feel a small victory. Just be aware that poorly implemented mouse and keyboard support makes playing the game very tough, so a controller is highly recommended if playing on the PC version. Early on you learn never to let your guard down, because even the weakest of enemies can strike blows that will cripple you. You have a variety of weapons available to you by exploring the world and defeating its epic bosses. You eventually get access to a blacksmith. This blacksmith can enhance your weapons greatly, eventually adding cool effects like ice, lightning and fire to it. Upgrading your weapons is a very vital part to progressing and staying alive during your stay in Dark Souls.

Dark Souls also comes with an interesting, helpful, and sometimes unhelpful online feature. When playing online, players on the same levels as you can scrawl messages into the ground when they die, warning other players of incoming dangers. This is actually quite helpful when stuck on certain parts of dungeons. The PvP multiplayer is back from the original game Demon Souls; blue and black phantoms - other players invading your world. They can either choose to help you on your quest, or kill you and loot your souls. The game's bloodstains are another interesting addition to the online play. Touch one, and you'll see the final seconds of another player.

Altogether Dark Souls is a very well put together game, it has a rewarding combat system, and should be picked up by anyone who wants a challenge from their video games!

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October 04, 2011

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