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March 11, 2010

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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Chaos Rising finds gamers commanding the knowledge-seeking Blood Ravens as they explore a long-lost ice planet and protect the Aurelia sector from the crusading Black Legion space marines. The expansion offers players the chance to equip extremely powerful items that may corrupt them into opposing the interests of the Emperor, while the single-player campaign finds gamers improving their gear and abilities, and advancing their squads to level 30 in 15 new single-player missions. Multiplayer additions include the ability to play as Chaos Space Marines, new units for the Space Marine, Eldar, Ork, and Tyranid armies, and seven new ice-planet PvP maps.

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Release Date: 02/19/2009

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Prior to the victory on Typhon you might think things have cooled down a bit. But if you know anything about Warhammer 40,000 you would know that would not be the case. There is a new chapter to this mayhem and it brings you into battle with the Chaos Marines. So in Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising the fun has really just begun; the single player campaign is truly epic.

There are over a dozen new and exciting missions. They are actually pretty lengthy, so you won't be able to shoot right through them. It will take a great bit of time to reach level 30, and you will stumble across some very surprising and fun twist along the way. In the previous releases, you might have noticed that the characters were very interesting, well this second edition of this game packs a hell of a punch, and the characters are quite interesting.

A lot of people just believe the Warhammer 40,000 series is just on battles, but it goes so much more in depth than that. There are a heap of details and stories in every area of this game. However, people might feel this game is very short, you will not find yourself board with this game at all. During your campaigns you will actually have a variety of choices you can use in order to reach your goals.

The missions are really quite different in appearance. There are missions where you are on the ice planet or maybe in a dark space station. Whatever the mission is you will find yourself fighting a final boss which makes all your work come together in the end. Specifically towards the end of the game you might find yourself a little frustrated with the bosses because it seems to be much more of a numbers game rather than a strategy game. What I mean by that is you will not really have to focus on your strategy to defeat the boss rather than place a great deal of focus on your hit points and how the bosses points are effecting you.

This game is not easy and you won't find yourself blasting right through the game. However, the saving system does seem to be a issue with some gamers. You will have to completely quit the game in order to save it. But, the next time you go back to that mission you will retain all the XP and extras you picked up along the way.

This game is really great because it uses a corruption system. Depending on the choices you make in the game you will see how corruption effects your ability to do different task. However, if you build your characters/armies correctly you can shape the game any way that you see fit.

This game is great fun and you won't find yourself getting board with it at all. It does have a lot of new maps and units. The story is really pretty good and does have a lot of surprising twist along the way. It is a very hard game to beat, but that's what makes beating this game so enjoyable.

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March 11, 2010

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