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February 22, 2011

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de Blob 2 on PlayStation 3 is all about changing your world for the better and brighter - a revolution of colour, with you in control. Firing you into this lovely looking platform adventure, de Blob 2 bubbles with liveliness and appeal from the start. Its computer animated intro wouldn't look out of place in a cinema as it tells the story of our hero Blob and his attempt to foil the dastardly Comrade Black's plan to turn the citizens of Prisma City into lifeless, colourless drones. Only you can stop this dishonest deed, along with the help of Blob's faithful friend, Pinky. And Blob's powers are just the trick for the job, allowing him to soak up paint and splash it around the grey environments to bring them to life.

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by Deep Silver
Release Date: 11/08/2011

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The first time de Blob came out it was a delightful game that was family friendly filled with a lot of humor, a solid gameplay and an art direction that could tickle the back bone. The second time around it is a lovable game surprisingly improved on all of the good and bad potentials. De Blob 2 is provokingly fun.

Those who have played the earlier version will immediately notice that this new version is a stand alone. There is enough evil in it in the form of the Inkies led by the hilarious Comrade Black who allowed that the INKT Corporation absorb all of the colors from Prisma city. And then there is Bloc and his fun cohorts who are there to make sure that the city be painted back to its colorful past, in the process redeem the residents and get them out of the clutches of a colorless life.

Given that the name of the hero is Blob, one would never expect that he would be so interesting and intriguing in a blobby sort of way, I mean, he is goo, an amorphous super absorbent blob. Kirby, Jigglypuff and the other characters are not far behind. They are colorful characters that remind me of a pack of Skittles, the sour and the sweet types.

Although I would be the first to say that the title by itself is unimpressive, the gameplay is impressive. The fact that this game made the kids giggle and kept them playing was indicative enough that this is one game that the whole family could enjoy. The target audience is obviously for the below 10 kids, but I must confess, sometimes and oftentimes my kids ask me to join and I end up playing for several hours on end. So yeah, I enjoy this mindless and childish game very much, and that is saying a lot as I have a whole library of adult games which I never bother to play.

There are other versions which have better visuals in terms of sharpness but they are just indicative of the game console, not the game design. There is a single player mode and a multiplayer mode. The multiplayer is a little harder and more challenging than the single player since the split screen can be confusing for some people.

The music or soundtrack is great. I have had my fair share of kids and adult games and I can honestly say that the music in those games can be part and parcel of the attraction. I can count on one hand the games which had the music which did not irritate me and I am happy to say that de Blob 2 is one of them. That is a big plus in my opinion especially with the number of hours that I and the kids spend playing.

De Blob 2 is charming, simple, appealing, highly fun and sweet and sour, ingredients that make my mouth water. Everything about it is appealing and the gameplay is fantastic, for a family oriented game. Blob and his colorful cohorts are just the right mix that can give a game a long lasting appeal, for the young and the old alike.

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Mar 28, 2014

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February 22, 2011

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