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September 06, 2011

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Terror. Violence. Madness. Bedlam. A holiday paradise gone mad. A tropical island turns into total chaos after a mysterious zombie outbreak. Cut off from the rest of the world, the player’s only chance to survive is to fight to the death and find a way to escape from the island. Dead Island combines first-person action with a heavy focus on melee combat, character development and customisation of a vast array of weapons. All of these gameplay features are presented in a dark story inspired by classic zombie movies with a gritty and engrossing campaign that can be played with up to four players in co-op mode.

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Dead Island for the Xbox 360 and PC allows gamers to take on the role of one to four players, each of which has unique attributes and work slightly different to one another, and, in essence, each have unique strengths as well as weaknesses. To get the full effects within this game it is much better to play it with friends rather than adopting the drop in drop out as you switch from player to player.

As mentioned above, each character has unique weapons, so for instance, Xian uses bladed weapons, knives and such like, whereas Logan can use all weapons and has the added ability of being able to throw these weapons. Sam B on the other hand uses hammers and tends to be geared towards being a blunt weapon expert. And finally you have Purna who is an expert in firearms and has the ability to increase the status of the other group members and can be seen as a sort of a leader within the group.

As well as having the above abilities and being able to upgrade them, you also get other weapons such as crowbars, oars, baseball bats, as well as being able to throw a large number of these weapons at any given opponent. You also have up close combat which enables you to strike various enemies using differing combat styles, attacking particular areas of the enemies which can result in the removal of a limb, if that is the the area being struck.

In relation to weapons such as guns for example, you have a limited number of bullets during gameplay, so it might be wise to use these bullets sparingly. You may find that some levels are quite tough and as a result this would be the time to go ahead and blow the enemies heads off with the gun. You also have to take into account the fact that the gun in question, if it is not updated, may lead you to discover that head shots are not enough to kill Zombies in one hit, and it may require ten shots even though head shots do increase the damage.

Most of the play consists of walking around smacking the living crap out of Zombies who only want to eat and digest you and your companions, and overall the game reminds me much of the Resident Evil series, which can only be a good thing. In Dead Island you also have the use of cars, but this is restricted to certain missions where you are given the chance to run the Zombies enemy down.

There are bits within the game where you must travel back and forth to complete missions and this can take some time, but you can fast travel, however, this is only possible if you happen to be at one of the fast travel locations which is not always the case. So if you are half way through and want to fast travel you cannot, and you have to battle your way back and forth, but when you have done this time and time again it gets tedious. For the most part a very good horror type action RPG.

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September 06, 2011

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