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December 29, 2005

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Dead or Alive 4 will be the leader in fighting games as it once again raises the bar in both online and offline fighting. By utilising the advanced technology of the new Xbox 360 hardware, Dead or Alive 4 will redefine 3-D high definition graphics as the attention to detail is astounding from each strand of the character`s hair to each cherry blossom falling from the sky, creating the most visually beautiful and realistic looking video game to date. Dead or Alive 4`s online world will also include innovative and interactive online lobbies featuring voice and text chat, detailed online scoreboards, and an exciting feature that will allow DOA fans to form clans while playing Dead or Alive 4 on Xbox Live.

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This review was written by user Butchdown and added here also by Mods, the reason being, this review is already on site under Dead or Alive 4 Classics, it is basically exactly the same game only with a different cover, hence we added this review here also.

Dead or Alive 4 seems and feels quite similar to its predecessors and pretty close to Dead or Alive Ultimate in its feature set; the gameplay hasn’t changed that much compared to previous versions. Fans of the series may find themselves using some of the same techniques and specials as they did in earlier versions. However, fans can also expect cracking new techniques with a number of returning characters, and enjoy new unique layouts and tweaks to the fighting engine. Moreover, DOA 4 boasts of having a more tactical, slicker, and totally better feel than the previous versions. The game also possesses a more dynamic and engaging action which is hardly present in fighting games nowadays. Indeed, the game puts forward some variety with a wide selection of characters equipped with tons of skills.

The core force behind Dead or Alive 4 is the bout between two fighters who want to defeat each other with a mix of punches, kicks, and throws. Tag-team matches are also present where you can switch between two characters but most often, it ends up into a one-on-one fight. But the best way to jumpstart you in Dead or Alive 4 is getting into the Story Mode, which I have to tell you, is not quite the story you expect. It just features a couple of inane exchanges with other fighters, and usually ends up in a deadly hardcore battle culminating in a kind of cutscene. However, some of the cutscenes are rather amusing and when you get to move further in the mode, you’d be able to unlock new characters and obtain various costumes for the characters as well. All in all, the Story mode offers some enticements and can be relatively fun.

There are other standard modes in the game as well. The Survival Mode is quite a kick-ass mode with endless arbitrary enemies thrown your way while playing. The mode does offer motivation in the form of unlockable goals that largely depend on the number of enemies you get to defeat in a row. There is also the Time Attack Mode which offers as much fun as the Survival Mode obviously for the same reasons; and the team battle mode if you want to try fighting with a variety of character combinations. The Versus Mode is where you can set up a custom match against a friend or the computer, while in the Sparring Mode, you get to learn the different moves of the characters; although it leaves a lot to be desired on integrating well with the complexities of the DOA 4 gameplay. The Online Mode is my personal choice for the best mode and just like in Dead or Alive Ultimate; it features an assortment of different online play variants which are all centered within the concept of virtual arcade. What’s quite brilliant about this mode is that you get to fight against 16 other players in a single lobby. I tell you, my mates and I had our thumbs so sore in just a single game. But one thing’s for sure; we had a great time with the Online Mode with hardly a lag, even with overseas opponents. Well there were a few lock-ups in between fights, which was also confirmed by other players, especially when trying the Xbox guide but it was so infrequent, (like maybe once in fifty matches) we barely noticed it and didn’t really affect our game. We can indeed conclusively say that we enjoyed online Dead or Alive 4 at its best.

Dead or Alive 4 also displays impressive visuals which are best viewed on High Definition. Characters are vibrantly detailed, environments are crafted well, and animations – including new ones – are realistically depicted, with smooth and crisp textures that all tote up to one spectacular and picturesque production. The game also features a great audio, so magnificently presented throughout the game despite its similarity to previous versions. The sound effects for the punches, kicks, throws, etc. are all very spot-on and quite plausible to listen to. The game also features the impressive use of surround sound that lends a sense of authenticity to the fight scenes. And even more interesting is the excellent soundtrack that perfectly fits distinct characters and action scenes. I have to add that I personally enjoy Aerosmith in the introductory cutscene of the game.

If you’re the type that goes for a kick-ass and spot-on fighting game, Dead or Alive 4 in Xbox 360 is positively for you. You get to sink in your teeth with a variety of powerful characters, great action, and even become addicted to its Online Mode. Let’s just say, you’ll have your hands full when you start playing Dead or Alive 4, as I and most of my mates have experienced. Dead or Alive 4 is utterly the fighting game to beat, as subsequent games for the Xbox console would most likely soon find out.

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December 29, 2005

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