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September 28, 2010

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Dead Rising 2 is all about one man against a swarming horde of hungry zombies, and how that one man survives by creatively using everyday objects to perform acts of great and gratuitous violence against these slow but relentless pursuers. The hero of Dead Rising 2 is a former pro motocross rider named Chuck Greene, who finds himself in the fictional entertainment capital of Fortune City when the zombie outbreak hits there. The open "sandbox" adventure does not play out in a shopping mall, as the first Dead Rising, but the Las Vegas like setting of the city provides ample walkways and plenty of open, consumer oriented spaces, which quickly fill with hungry walking dead.

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At first glance the game is just another zombie killing spree with nothing more than blood and gore spilling on the floor and walls as the main attraction. But Dead Rising 2 has graduated from all that and made hacking and slashing zombies for the benefit of a loved one. This is what the story of Chuck Greene revolves around: his daughter has been bitten by a zombie and the only way to keep her from turning into a fully-fledged zombie herself is by giving her shots of a medicine known as Zombrex. The game capitalizes on that fact that it leads Chuck to a town that is infested with zombies to get a decent amount of the drug.

Inside the game there are a lot of things to enjoy. To mention a few, the details are well presented, for instance, when you change into a new outfit (a common thing to do in this game) you will still see that new outfit on the cut scene. Small detail but it makes the game a bit realistic in a way.

You do not really need to worry about finding a real gun or a real sword because the game features a system that allows you to combine weapons or whatever object that you can find. If you run out of ammo then throw the gun away and pick that hand gun and attach it a stake to pierce and shoot zombies at the same time, and in this manner the list of weapons is just endless.

You can finish the campaign mode together with a friend and take on more zombies and finish the task on time…which brings me to my next point. The weakness of the game. And believe me you are in for a treat. Aside from picking up Zombrex for your daughter, the game also relies on the fact that you need to also save survivors here, and that takes more than just calling them up and telling them to come over to your place. Nothing wrong about this, but the fact that the survivors themselves are pretty slow when there is a horde of zombies after you adds more fuel to the fire. But in a way this is fun, but can also be irritating in a way.

The game similar to the first one has a clock running and it requires you to go to a specific place at a specific time or else pay the price of failure. This is also the limitation of the game as you do not get to discover the game fully since you have a schedule to comply with. If you want to discover the game more then you need to play it again, which at times may get repetitive when you have been going around the same place for the 5th time.

Overall the game is a great purchase, by mixing hack and slash with a noble goal in mind Dead Rising 2 has changed the course of zombie mashing games. Every point of the game is entertaining most especially that weapon combination system. With Dead Rising 2, experience the whole genre of zombie mashing in a new way.

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September 28, 2010

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