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September 29, 2009

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Dead Space: Extraction tells the previously untold story of the Aegis VII Colony who are attempting to reach the USG Ishimura when a deadly infection breaks out. The effects are swift and devastating, and suddenly allies are being brought down with symptoms of dementia, and all of the horrific carnage of this infection cannot be contained. Soon, it becomes known that a special young girl alone is the key to immunity and keeping her safe must be the main objective. This is not an easy task as you come face to face with terrifying alien enemies, the Necromorphs, which lurk around every corner.

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Dead Space Extraction Wii Review.

You might remember Dead Space from other popular gaming systems like the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. To the best of my knowledge it was available on the PC too. So if you are new to the Dead Space gaming family you will be getting a light gun first person shooter. This is just your same old shooter, it embraces a grim and awesome cast of characters. Don't forget it actually packs a horror story too. Don't worry it won't scare you that much.

This game will start in the colony of Aegis VII which is uncovered by a strange marker. So the planter is in all kinds of disarray, a small team is working to find sanctuary in USG Ishimura. Their mission is to excavate the marker. Well guest what your ship dies and you are going to have one fun exciting massacre on your hands. Without ruining the story I can say that you can only imagine the type of fun you can have with a broken down ship and lots of ammo.

So don't worry if you have never played a Dead Space game before, this game will hold your attention until the very end. You also never know who is going to die, and who knows it could even be you that dies. All you know is that you are in some real hot water, and you will be able to follow an epic storyline that is packed with loads of suspense and drama.

This game is packed with twenty weapons in all. It comes with a pretty basic weapon upgrade gameplay that will have you wanting to max out your guns to their limits. I still haven't maxed mine out yet in all the time iv been playing it. Stasis is included and vital and relies on an auto-refill system. You will be able to fire at enemies and even freeze them for up to ten seconds. Telekinesis is also a massive part to Dead Space. Don't get me started about the gravity gun which had to be inspired by Half Life. There are a ton of little mini challenges to which give this game a real authentic feel as well.

I have noticed that the difficulty isn't nearly as challenging as it could be, I would highly encourage that you max out the difficulty level if you are like me and like to be challenged. But, there is never a dull moment as necromorphs will be coming at you from nearly every angle. Challenge mode is also another addition and you will be mastering weapons rather than killing. It is probably the best light gun game available on the Wii next to Metroid Prime.

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September 29, 2009

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