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December 09, 2014

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In Destiny: The Dark Below on the PlayStation 4, players will be able to expand their Destiny adventure with a wealth of weapons, armor, and gear which are all earned in new story missions, three new competitive multiplayer arenas have been added to the mix, and a new cooperative Strike and Raid Mode. The story will introduce you to Eris Morn. Morn is one of six different warriors that gets sent out to kill a big, bad, boss by the name of Crota. Eris is the only one of the six warriors to survive the mission and now she needs some help to finish the job and avenge her compatriots.

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Release Date: 09/09/2014


  • Developer(s):
    • Bungie
  • Publisher(s):
    • Activision
  • Distributor(s):
    • PlayStation Store
  • Release Date(s):
    • December 9, 2014
  • Official Site(s):
  • ESRB Rating:
    • Teen
  • Player(s):
    • 1
  • Online Player(s):
    • 2-16
  • Series:
    • Destiny

Technical Information

  • DualShock Compatible:
    • DualShock 4
  • Required Disc Space:
    • 7.4GB Minimum
  • Supported Video Output:
    • 1080p
  • Game Format:
    • Digital Download
  • Average Playing Time:
    • 50 Hours
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'Destiny: The Dark Below' on the PlayStation 4 is an action shooter DLC expansion pack developed by Bungie and published by Activision.

Much has been made of the first FPS by Bungie in their post-'Halo' world. Concept artwork for 'Destiny' was initially leaked to the internet and the hype level of fans everywhere went through the roof. The images, along with limited press, promoted an experience unlike anything we've ever had before. Bungie, the developers, promised the insane shooting gameplay of 'Halo' with the depth of strategic and tactical simulation as any modern RPG. To top it all off the game would be set in a massively multiplayer online world. What could possibly go wrong? All that information is to set the stage for the first of the post-release DLC for 'Destiny: The Dark Below'.

Expanding an untapped universe..

When 'Destiny' finally hit consoles and computers everywhere it was received with middling reviews. The game was largely praised for its refusal to pigeonhole alongside the Halo universe and certain elements of the game were particularly interesting. Unfortunately the campaign was blasted by most fans for either being too convoluted or just not interesting. After finishing the campaign there was little left for players to do. In comes 'The Dark Below'.

The first of many DLC packs, 'The Dark Below' hit consoles in December of 2014. The downloadable content, which is not necessary in order to enjoy the vanilla game, offered an expansion on the core storyline which was broadcasted over the course of three new missions. Players were also given access to another new strike, a raid (Crota's End) and an important NPC named Eris Morn.

Eris Morn is a non playable merchant character who exists to hand off new quests, items, and bounties to players. She serves as a conduit to expand some of the playability of the game and she is most likely to be the most visited aspect of this expansion.

Despite this new content, the DLC is unlikely to change how anyone feels about 'Destiny'. At this point in the games life you are either firmly on board with it or you are not going to like it going forward. The problems in the game aren't addressed and instead you are just given more content.

Looking at the basic story will require a little familiarity with 'Destiny', but not much. To put things simply you are introduced to Eris Morn. Morn is one of six different warriors that gets sent out to kill a big, bad, boss by the name of Crota. Eris is the only one of the six warriors to survive the mission and now she needs some help to finish the job and avenge her compatriots. Eris is, perhaps, one of the most interesting NPCs that we get introduced to in the entire game.

As the sole survivor of a bloody battle, Eris is rife with trauma. She is mired in her pain and all of her anger and resentment simmers underneath every word. She is a great storyteller and a more interesting companion than the character played by Peter Dinklage. She clearly suffers from PTSD and needs to finish this fight to find some form of closure. She talks a lot but most of the story will go into one ear and out of the other, not unlike the rest of the campaign that Bungie developed.

After Eris properly enlists you into her battle you will meet a slew of different enemies that will serve to prime you for your final battle with Crota. This early DLC content fills mostly like filler but it is entertaining enough, if repetitive. Eventually you will find yourself face to face with Crota, who wields a giant sword, and the big battle will begin. Whether you win or lose or even enjoy the experience is up to you.

The DLC, as we've commented on before, does nothing to address the persistent problems that riddle 'Destiny' as an experience. We don't really get any sort of expansion on the world in the game. The story and lore of the title doesn't feel any deeper. Core gameplay mechanics are unchanged. There is nothing fundamentally game changing or altering here. In a better title that would be commendable. In a game that lacks the feeling of progress, like 'Destiny', it is instead a new kind of handicap. We merely get more of the same.

When we talk about the core mechanics we must make mention of the grind and grind aspect of the new DLC. As it is with 'Destiny', if you aren't spending time grinding then you are falling behind. In order to stand a chance against the big baddies in 'The Dark Below' you will have to waste hours of your life grinding out against boring enemies. Want to deal with online players? Don't even bother unless you are at level 20 or more.

The nuts and bolts of our problems with the DLC begin with the fundamentally broken game lying underneath it. We never felt like the game was rewarding us for attempting to beat it and, at times, it felt like it was actively trying to prevent our progress in artificial ways.

One of the few bright spots of the DLC is a quest that you can purchase from a vendor named Xur. The quest lasts for five different steps and it is modeled in similar fashion to 'Exotic Bounties'. There are a ton of different objectives and none of them insist on a minimum level. This serves as a nice distraction and it has a few really interesting moments of cinematic glory, where things seem to click if only momentarily.

At the end of the day 'Destiny: The Dark Below' on the PlayStation 4 is merely more of the same. As it turns out, too much of a mediocre thing does not improve upon itself. The DLC will be enjoyed by fans of the product while everyone else will mostly be unfazed. If you didn't like the game initially then the DLC will not push you to go out and purchase the game. At best it is a way to spend more time with the game, if that appeals to you.

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December 09, 2014

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