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October 22, 2013

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In Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Private security expert Adam Jensen, who has been secretly "augmented" with biotechnology, will complete missions using a choice of combat, hacking, stealth, or social means. Each approach is designed to influence the game's story in various ways. Human Revolution is the third entry in the futuristic Deus Ex series, which was notable for blending role-playing elements with first-person action. Human Revolution continues many elements from its predecessors, such as the ability for players to acquire new, permanent augmentations and weapon upgrades to enhance their character's abilities.

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I certainly don't envy the job that Eidos Montreal was given when they were told to make a new Deus Ex game. The original Deus Ex is perhaps one of the most revered PC games of all time, but it hasn't aged particularly well. Of course, that meant that Eidos would have to make some major changes to what the game was, and we all know that gamers are not huge fans of major changes.

Thankfully, Eidos has done great job of managing to maintain the feeling of the original Deus Ex while managing to bring the gameplay into the modern day. The core gameplay allows you two basic ways to go about missions, either stealthily or violently. You get a talent tree, like in any game with RPG elements, that allows you to choose your preferred methods and make you even better at executing them.

When making your way through a mission stealthily, you run around and either slit people's throats or choke them out, leaving them unconscious. Stealth is certainly the most rewarding way to play Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but it can often be entirely too frustrating to actually make it worth it, thanks to sub-par AI that seems to be both psychic and clueless at the same time. One moment they won't be able to figure out where you are, and in the next moment they'll somehow see you through a wall.

That same horribly programmed AI makes going throw every level like a shooter the much easier way to go about things, but the shooting mechanics that are built into the game aren't all that great, and the way the AI behaves when you're just shooting everyone is even worse than it is when you're trying to sneak your way through a level.

The game's story feels very similar to that of the original Deus Ex, at least in general. Practically every overarching conspiracy theory regarding the Illuminati, the Majestic 12, or even FEMA can be found in Deus Ex Human Revolution, all crammed into a story that starts out as a simple "rescue your love interest from the evil people" story.

Perhaps the biggest problem with Deus Ex Human Revolution has nothing to do with either the story or the AI, though, it's the boss fights. Post-release it came out that these boss fights were made by a completely different studio than made the rest of the game, and it certainly shows. These boss fights require an extremely violent approach, and since there is no way to stealthily kill them, players who took a stealthy approach in their talent tree get the short end of the stick.

It really is quite amazing that even with all these problems, I am still wholeheartedly willing to recommend Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Sure, it has its share of problems, but as a whole its a solid open world experience that encourages exploration and experimentation with the game's mechanics, and that is something more games need to do.

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