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February 05, 2008

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f you have played Devil May Cry 3 on PS2 before and been one of those who have had a very hard time finishing it up because of its extreme difficulty, give this new sequel a chance.

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Get entertained by the new character - Nero, be amazed by the extraordinary action sequences and visuals, terrific and smooth controls, and have fun fighting the new enemy characters.

If you have played Devil May Cry 3 on PS2 before and been one of those who have had a very hard time finishing it up because of its extreme difficulty, give this new sequel a chance. Its challenge level is not of extreme difficulty anymore, and you can actually choose from a large pool of gameplay choices and even difficulties to suit your preferences and capabilities. But don’t expect it to be easy either, it is also challenging like its predecessor, but is appropriate for you to enjoy its action, fun boss fights, and beautiful but engaging cutscenes.

Dante is no longer the star of this sequel, he’s still around, but well, Nero and his exciting moves are now kicking in. You will love him along as you follow his story, though his connection with Dante isn’t much explained here. Expect to be stunned by the cutscenes which can actually be one of the best, if not the best, that you’ll see in games recently, along with its theatrical script and great animations. It is not too cheesy, but still not too serious. The sound design and voice acting also makes up for Devil May Cry 4’s shortcomings, and you’ll definitely feel the environment through them.

Nero’s famous move is the devil bringer. You can actually grab, pull, pick, and slam enemies with the use of your demonic arm even when they are away from you. Devil May Cry 4 is now on its offensive and aggressive approach, more violent, bloody, slick, and more slashing of enemies. As in the previous games, rewards are very generously given for every good and perfect performance - you can upgrade, earn, and purchase new combos and skills. The secret missions are still very challenging, and you might have to work hard to complete them. These aren’t required, but still you’ll feel a sense of reward after accomplishing these, as you’ll receive an orb fragment for a job well done.

Once you get used to the devil bringer, you might have some problems with adjusting with Dante for the first few parts of his part. But don’t worry, there’ll be new combos, weapons, styles, and actions that you can use, the best one is the Pandora’s Box. You will have an interesting time to try out each one of them while going through fight scenes crushing demons and puzzles.

You’ll be surprised that the puzzles are not really challenging but rather just a time waster. These puzzles actually go in between fights and break the pace of the game. Don’t be confused too when you visit the same place all over again in another level of the game, and expect to see the same bosses that you fought on the first half of the game again in the second part. These repetitive environments take away the fun out and are extremely frustrating.

Despite of the repetition, this game still is worth a try. You can play this online and you will have plenty of unlockables to play. This is a lot more comfortable than its predecessor, and is overall a great game.

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February 05, 2008

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