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The Devil May Cry Collection contains the first three classic games of the series with new enhanced graphics and additional content. The popular hack and slash series was initially released by Capcom in 2001. Each of the games is single-player and follows the story of Dante, a mercenary who specializes in the paranormal.

While the game was initially going to be released as Resident Evil 4, Devil May Cry added many completely new creatures and styles. The plot of the first Devil May Cry was also very different than the failure survival horror series, as it involved demons, rather than infected people and animals. After the first game was developed, the plot became thicker with Devil May Cry 2 and Devil May Cry 3 DanteÂ’s Awakening.

Players who are new to the series can start in chronological order, rather than release order with the Devil May Cry Collection. The plot starts with the prequel, Devil May Cry 3 DanteÂ’s Awakening when Dante first opens his demon-slaying shop. He battles with his identical twin brother, Vergil, who appears in later games, as well as Arkham, who wants to reopen the gates of the demon world. Devil May Cry and Devil May Cry 2 both involve Dante battling Mundus, king of the demon world.

Other than the amazing story, the Devil May Cry series is known for its superb graphics. The Devil May Cry Collection introduces the classic games with HD quality graphics. Also included is widescreen support and updated textures throughout the game. This makes the games seem much more lifelike, making it easier for a player to get lost in the game.

The Devil May Cry Collection also features new content, mostly in the form of new guns and melee weapons scattered throughout the three games. This helps to add more variety to the games with additional combo moves, upgrades, and skills. The upgrades are all organic to the story and there is still the option to continue using the traditional pair of pistols and sword Dante has at the beginning of each game. New goals have also been added throughout the game for players to earn various trophies.

The only downside to the collection is the inconvenience of a split when initially loading the collection. Once a game is loaded, it must be exited completely before a new game can be loaded. The inconvenience is minor in most situations, with the exception of Devil May Cry 2, which has two different campaigns for players to work through.

All in all, the game is pretty enjoyable. The inexpensive price tag for having all three games is very enticing. The Devil May Cry Collection brings these classic in one convenient disc. Updated HD quality graphics create an overall better presentation of one of the most iconic video games in history. Both new gamers and fans of the popular series will enjoy the new content introduced in the Devil May Cry Collection.

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One of the greatest franchises to ever come out on consoles Devil May Cry has been released on the PS3 as an HD collection. The Devil May Cry HD Collection for the PS3 offers superior graphics and sounds on one of most favored recent franchises in all of gaming. Both Devil May Cry fans and people who have never played the game before can expect to sit down for hours to enjoy sending demons back to the underworld. Check out a breakdown of each individual game in this HD collection bundle.

Devil May Cry one was the first game in the franchise and it caught gamers by surprise by its unique gameplay and fast paced action. The music in the game is based around rock and roll and gets you hyped up and ready to take on all enemies that come your way. The HD collection version for the PS3 helps you enjoy the game even more with both improved graphics and sound. Overall this game is not too hard but not too easy and good to play to have fun. Playing on the hardest difficulty might prove to be hard for some gamers when they first start to play, but once you get used to playing at this difficulty level you will find the game playable.

The second game in the franchise Devil May Cry 2 was a big let down. This game had a lot of promise but gamers were thoroughly disappointed upon its release. The first problem gamers faced when playing this game was the linear gameplay. Although Devil May Cry 1 was somewhat linear, gamers still had the freedom to roam as they wanted to solve side quests and hone their abilities elsewhere. Devil May Cry 2 on the other hand limits your ability to explore freely and makes you pass each level one after the other. The second disappointment was the length of the game. The game can be past in just a few hours and many gamers were able to complete the game in just one sitting. Even though there were two separate campaigns the overall time spent to pass the game was much less than Devil May Cry 1. This is known as the worst game in the franchise and can easily be overlooked.

Controversially the best game in the franchise Devil May Cry 3 impressed gamers as soon as they started playing. The HD version of this game makes this action packed and entertaining game one to enjoy the full ride through. Capcom seemed to understand the flaws that were present in Devil May Cry 2 and returned back to similar gameplay to that of the first Devil May Cry game. This game featured a very interesting storyline and is known as the hardest Devil May Cry game to date. All of the elite gamers should prepare themselves and expect to prove their skills in Devil May Cry 3, since people call it the best and hardest Devil May Cry game ever.