Digimon World DS DS

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by Namco Bandai Games
Release Date: 09/18/2007


  • Travel through the vast digital world of Digimon to collect over 250 Digimons, from 8 different species
  • Put them in live DIGI farm to raise your Digimons - the dual DS screens let you engage in your main game activities while you interact live with your Digimons at your farm
  • Strategic & dynamic battle system - Predict your opponent's next move and plan your next attack -- no more button-mashing
  • Connect with a friend's Digimon collection through WiFi and make your own Hybrid Digimons -- exchange up to 40 Digimon wirelessly
  • Engage in 3-on-3 wireless battles and win to claim rare items
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Namco Bandai Games

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