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Dishonored on the PC is an action adventure game where your primary role is that of an assassin, to be more accurate you take on the role of a supernatural assassin, and have numerous approaches with which to tackle the game, each one determines how it is played out.

For example, you may decide to take on head to head, literally tearing the enemy to pieces in full on combat, or perhaps you may decide for a more stealthy approach to the situation, either way the result of either determines how you proceed.

The game in set in Dunwall, this place has much mysticism about it, you could describe this as otherworldly, and to aid you in your quest you have as well as various weapons at your fingertips, supernatural abilities and you also have much choice in how you approach, whether you go under the cover of darkness for example.

To most people who reside in Dunwall you are known as The Disturbing Mask, long ago you were a protector for the Empress, an enforcer, later framed for her murder. After a dashing escape you later become known as The Infamous Assassin, which later name becomes synonymous with The Disturbing Mask, so they are one and the same.

Dunwall can only be described as a hell hole, it may be a be home to technological breakthroughs and full of advanced ideas, but it is also plague ridden and as a result the place is cursed with a rat infestation. You will see large groups together and it becomes a real pain to deal with them at times, it also gives the user the oppressive feel about the game, I don't mean I dislike the game, just that the overall feel of the game comes across that way.

The game is also set around the 18th or 19th century, or rather it gives you that impression. Dishonored is beautifully constructed and attention to detail is second to none, the storylines are really well done and to be honest I find nothing that I could really dislike about this game. At times it does get a little tricky, and some enemies will spot you no matter how hard you think you have hidden.

Overall, Dishonored has set the benchmark for how games should be constructed, an epic PC game.

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Dishonored is a first person shooter created by Arkane Studios with the publisher being Bethesda Softworks (Yes, they do make more than just Fallout and Elder Scroll games.) The computer that this game was played to completion on has an Intel i7 processor (3.4GHz), 16 Gigs of RAM and an AMD 7970 3GB graphics card. This is to say, all bells and whistles were turned up to the max for the play through of this game. 1080p with 60 frames per second was the goal and it was achieved here.

Rats! No, this is not to say the game is bad as it is quite good, but that, there are rats everywhere. Welcome to the world of Dunwall, a town that has become infested with a rat plague. This plague is central to the story line of the game. The game's main protagonist is named Corvo. At the beginning of the game, you are the bodyguard for the Empress and are subsequently framed for her murder. From there, a very interesting whimsical tale of deceit and double (triple) crossing takes place that keeps the gamer enthralled until the game's end. The game was played with an Xbox 360 controller on the PC with the wireless receiver. Controller lag was negligible.

Technically, this game uses Unreal Engine 3, which is a very common game engine, used in games such as Unreal Tournament, Bioshock and Gears of War on the Xbox 360. However, this is a very modified version of it and it shows artistically in the graphics. This is a beautiful game as small touches such as debris in dilapidated homes and markings on walls add a distinct flair to the look of the game.

Gameplay has been the calling card of the game ever since the first trailer was shown. Imagine using Garrett from the Thief series, jumping around on rooftops, but also imbued with magical powers. Solid Snake and Sam Fisher do not have anything on this brand of stealth. Therefore, jumping from a three story building to do an assassination strikes a chord for the blood lust in us all. You are encouraged to use your environment for the best way to complete a mission as you are not given a large abundance of ammunition. In fact, it's quite scarce in the game so if you were thinking that you could Rambo through a level, think again. The game's story line can and will change depending on how you as the gamer proceed through the game. Are you violent and kill everything in sight? People in the game might not be willing to help you on some of your quests. These are some of the consequences that you face in the game.

As mentioned earlier, the story line follows the pursuits of Corvo after he is framed for the murder of the Empress. As in most cases, there is usually a heir to the throne for the sake of successful succession. In this case, is it the late Empress' daughter Emily. Emily becomes a pawn for many characters in the game as there are numerous people vying for power.

In conclusion, it's good to see that money was well spent here. Great voice actors and actresses such as Susan Sarandon, Carrie Fisher (Princess Lela of Star Wars fame) among many others lead this all-star cast. This is Arkane's first ever game together, but they have shown that they are willing to compete with the best developers out there. With knowledge that this game sold extremely well and this is now a franchise, let's cross our fingers that Dishonored 2 blows us away as much as the first Dishonored has.

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*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Dishonored is a First Person Stealth Assassin Game which takes place in a Steam Punk Setting, the graphics are amazing and there is alot of story behind dunwalls history and beyond its characters.

You are placed into Corvo Attano's Shoes to take the responsibility to be lord protector of the royal family
but you're framed for the empresses murder and its your job to protect Emily Kaldwin and meet the royalist conspiracy. A group of loyalists will assist you along your quest for revenge, I do indeed like the stealth, its way more functional than any other games that I have played.

DLC'S (don't recommend reading this part if u have not beat or have the DLC's)
DLC 1: Knife of Dunwall: You play as Daud the assassin who has killed the Empress and u step foot into his shoes with his equipment and u get the feel that you are really him.

Knife of Dunwall and The Brigmore Witches let u play as Daud.

DLC 2: Brigmore Witches: You play as Daud and continue from the Knife of Dunwall and you will find a witch named Delilah who is planning to take over Emily Kaldwin and make her a slave to rule the empire. You, as Daud has to stop her, you feel regret for murdering the empress Jessamean Kaldwin.

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