Dishonored Xbox 360 User Review

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Xbox 360


Dishonored is a game like no other I have yet to come across, the game itself is a cross between fantasy and mysticism, bordering on the latter in which you take on the role of a famous assassin and during your stay at Dunwall you will encounter many enemies where you have the choice to fight, or stay in the shadows unseen.

Whichever you decide, certain missions will turn out differently depending on the choices made by you,the Assassin. The gameplay reminds me very much of Doom, in the way you walk around and interact, getting a front on view, where at certain points you can be carrying more than one weapon in each hand as you move around Dunwall.

I also like the way in which you can sneak up on enemies and slice their heads clean off and watch them roll, I find this quite comical. Other combat and close up encounters include knife stabbing of the head and neck as well as many other methods of killing.

The scenery and attention to detail in Dishonored is quite astounding, this probably is the reason for so many awards, and this game has been voted as game of the year by a number of top gaming sites, I can see why.

If I had to sum the game up I would say it is a cross between Skyrim and Doom, think Skyrim graphics with a style similar to Doom, without a doubt Dishonored will remain sustainable as the gameplay and overall experience is simply something that I feel cannot be matched.

There are many objects throughout the game which also can be edited to suit your style of gameplay, I thought this was very well done and quite imaginative, combining various household objects to form useful weapons as well as various other weaponry available, including some magic related weapons which are bestowed upon you.

Finally the graphics and sound are also faultless, it is obvious that a lot of time was spent designing the storyline which I have decided to leave out of this review. Overall the attention to detail for sound, and general experience in Dishonored makes it well worth a look.