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August 03, 2004

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Doom 3 continues id Software's first-person shooter series with a true 3D engine featuring bump-map texturing and enhanced lighting and shadow effects. Players will revisit the setting introduced in 1993's Doom but with a more involved storyline written by sci-fi scribe Matthew Costello (of 7th Guest and The 11th Hour fame). The result is a more cinematic experience than in games past, with elements of horror interwoven with the action to create a sense of tension. Shadows sometimes appear a split second before enemies attack, creatures materialize in the reflections of mirrors, and monsters can break through walls. Certain classic enemies have also been upgraded, such as the imps, which now stare players down with glaring eyes before pouncing on them.

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If there’s one thing no one should doubt it is the prediction that Doom 3 will make it high up in the list of the best presented games ever. Yes, its superb presentation is like nothing you’ve seen before – with its 3D graphics, spectacular environment, dark atmosphere, visuals and audio. This makes up for every downside Doom 3 may have, and of course it has some problems. But you will definitely get hooked with the presentation, especially if you play it with the sounds on its max and with the lights turned off.

Apparently, Doom 3’s plot has very minimal difference from its predecessors, which were last released in the 90s. You play as a nameless (and voiceless) shooter in Mars who will fight against legions of enemies who can appear at any point and materialize from nothing. You will have to pass through a series of locked doors with the goal of finding your human squad. But you will get frustrated by the fact that you will fight alone all throughout and eventually enter a state of living in a halucinatory world. I cannot say it gives much suspense, but I guess the graphics and environment makes it more thrilling than you may think at first sight.

What lets down this game is the fact that it has confusing narrative and storyline. With no name, you can never get to focus on working on your own character, and you will get distracted by many other characters of the game. You can encounter lots of sudden conversations and details along the way, which are, in a way, pretty impressive as it suggests attention to the little details.

If we will talk about the gameplay, I guess it’s more laidback than it might have been. Alongside the advanced 3D setting, the gameplay is still of the conventional type. There are no advanced weapons at all – not even night vision goggles, light-producing weapons, or even a helmet. You cannot even hold a flashlight and a gun at the same time. This is extremely disappointing, especially when you see that there are other games inspired by the original Doom which have made great weapons for the player to use. Grenades and other explosives will also get to damage you as well as your enemies. It lacks the new tactical strategies, and the gameplay is not even particularly challenging to the modern player.

Your character has no special abilities at all too. The dark environment might give a creepy feeling to the game, but it does not help much to excite you, as you will pause many times just to be able to grasp what is happening, and to plan your next move. Enemies you will face are new though, and while they are hard to defeat because of the darkness, there are times when it gets predictable as to when and where to strike.

Again, in spite all of these, and it lacking a multiplayer function, Doom 3 is overall a great game, and is still pleasurable. Much more comes from the presentation though, rather than the gameplay itself.

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August 03, 2004

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