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October 27, 2009

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Nintendo Wii DS

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The already flamboyant scenes of the jungle and spooky dungeons can still be made better with just a few tweaks of your Wii Remote.

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Portraying the role of a god to a village called Raposa, you have to find the lost Book of Life in the game. The first thing you have to do is to draw your own character – the hero of the story. Then the quests begin, which the villagers sort of provide you with. You may be asked to lend a hand to a farmer gathering seeds for planting crops; or draw a new shop window in place of a stolen one. You advance to the next level every time you complete the quest and you need to unlock all levels to make progress in the game. It’s quite simple and the game can be done in approximately 6 to seven hours. I didn’t do bad myself and finished the entire game under six hours; and I’m not even that big on platformers.

The Next Chapter’s pride and joy is its innovative drawing tool. It allows the users to give the characters their own unique touch and style, using of the easel – whenever it pops up onscreen. You can do such fun things like customizing your heart icon and have it represent by a biscuit, for example. I find this part very delightful; I can just go on adding everything that comes to mind. The customization possibilities you can do with the objects and your own character are endless. Cool! Don’t expect to have added abilities there, though; no matter how cute and unique your customizations are, there are no significant changes to the objects’ effectiveness or how the hero character interacts with it. It can be quite time-consuming, without any overwhelming results.

Dynamic boxes may appear in each level, which enables you to draw a line to serve as a bridge for your hero to cross, or maybe a see-saw to help your hero navigate in the air, or circles to roll down the hills. The mind’s creative area is at work, yet you might find the exploits in the story a tad boring. The quests can be repetitive and acquiring new skills doesn’t even add up to the game’s excitement. The challenges presented by your opponents (which you cannot customize, unfortunately), are anything but challenging – they’re so easy to defeat! In other words, excitement is a little compromised.

Creativeness and being imaginative are totally great with Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter. The already flamboyant scenes of the jungle and spooky dungeons can still be made better with just a few tweaks of your Wii Remote. The scenes are as pleasant as can be, but the so-called adventure in the story has somehow bore me. The game has definitely put a lot of effort on its customization aspect, but should have enhanced more on its adventure quality.

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Jan 22, 2014

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October 27, 2009

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