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June 21, 2011

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Dungeon Siege was known to cut the talk and get to the fighting. However, the developers seem to plug the gaping hole of the campaign’s lack of length with the length of narratives and dialogues.

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The Dungeon Siege franchise has been consistently one of the top action role-playing games genre in the industry. It has seen to lure millions of fans with its first and second installments that achieved its success at multiple gaming consoles rather than just having to be concentrated in one. However, the third installment of the franchise has fared to be such a blunder especially in the PC. Unlike its previous installments, Dungeon Siege III offers a limited range of customization, skills, and equipment which was one of the highly rated parts of the game in the previous installments. It also sets up with a fairly short storyline very incongruous to what the previous installment were praised for.

It is not really sure what gave the developers away in eliminating all the aspects of the game that proved to be its winning traits. The wild and fun experience of the game though is still there; sword fights, magic, skills, etc. is still something to look forward to. However, when you talk about the PC's controls, it might prove to be too much for gamers to handle. You would like to think that most PC gamers are experts in mastering all the keys they have to deal with in that wide keyboard. But with how the keys and controls are laid out in Dungeon Siege III, the gameplay would surely be overshadowed by the frustration that the controls will prove to inject unto you.

There is also a slight problem with the camera being blocked by objects like walls or trees when it falls in the wrong position which mostly happens in the middle of fights. Though it might not be impossible to master the controls; if you're a hardcore gamer then you know that you can handle anything. However, at the time you'll start to get the hang of the controls you might already want to exit the game and uninstall it right there and then.

It is utterly frustrating with all these issues of control, display, and limitations. Each character now only has 9 skills to learn, far off from the previous installments which had an ocean of skills to choose from. Also, the story just seems to be misplaced. There is just too much talk for a very short story. Dungeon Siege was known to cut the talk and get to the fighting. However, the developers seem to plug the gaping hole of the campaign's lack of length with the length of narratives and dialogues. You choices of dialogue would also prove to steer the fate of your companions and on how the game would meet its ending.

The utter limitations to skills and action moves mostly brought by the mechanics and control layout is certainly the most annoying thing about the game, when attacking was as easy as clicking on an enemy to attack, with Dungeon Siege III you will have to manually face the enemy and perform the moves you wish to do. This makes skills and long range weapons miss a lot. The game just seems to be a little bit out of place in the PC, as much as it fairs in the consoles.

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Oct 20, 2014

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June 21, 2011

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