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June 23, 2009

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In Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires, players wield legendary weapons and command massive armies, to reunite their nation under one flag. As in earlier Empires editions of the long-running Koei series, players can conquer a map of ancient China through turn-based strategy play, and then conquer the battlefields through third-person combat, in the fast-paced, heroic-action style for which the Dynasty Warriors titles are known. As players take the role of lord, their orders are given and policies are enacted through the play of a card-collecting game. Different cards are played, in turn, to take different diplomatic and military actions, with the selection of cards available based on the lord's officers and army.

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Similar to previous installments in the series, this game allows a player to choose from a ridiculous number of characters to play as. Each character possesses their own weapon, which changes slightly the combat statistics that are associated with them. Also like previous games, most of the action consists of you and your weapon in a non-stop flurry of action that combines hit after hit into combos that number easily into the double digits, and sometimes into the triple. Each swing of that weapon takes a push of the attack button, meaning that you'll be running through the battlefield swinging through enemies for hours on end, if your hand can stand it that long.

Fortunately, you don't just have the standard attack to kill enemies with. You also get a musou attack, which is essentially a special attack that lets you damage lots of enemies, instead of just one or two at once. You also get the opportunity to purchase upgrades for your weapons as you go through the game, as well as upgrade your special attacks. These special abilities help to match your fighting ability against the enemy generals and lieutenants, who seem to have improved their own abilities since the last version.

The new strategy aspect of this game does manage to alter the gameplay somewhat, changing the game itself from being just a button masher into a game that has button mashing, but is not only that. The Empire mode in this version allows you to try to be the ruler of one of China's factions. You, as well as all the AI officers that are underneath you, get a card which is essentially your faction's deck. You and the other rulers take turns drawing cards at the start of your turn, and then playing a card, until everybody has played all the cards that they can, or want to, play between battles.

These cards have a direct impact on the battle that will be occurring, with cards having such effects as producing new troops, increasing the attack power of your faction, gaining more resources after the battle is over, and more. Cards have a resource cost, which is depleted as you play them, which means that eventually no one can play anymore cards, and the actual battle begins. This whole system brings a new level of sophistication and enjoyment to the game, providing an opportunity for a player to be proud that they have accomplished something other than hurting their hand.

For the hardcore fans of the series, this version of Dynasty Warriors provides gameplay that is very alike to previous versions. It also brings a new level of potential enjoyment to the game, hopefully making fans of the game from all over, if they can handle the numerous enemies that need slashed.

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June 23, 2009

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