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February 24, 2015

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Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires once again puts players in control of historical figures from China's Three Kingdoms time period. All of the characters from Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends are included along with one new member, Xun Yu. Characters can once again marry with a new feature allowing them to have children who inherit their stats and likeness. Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires' stratagems have been enhanced, as well, adding more strategy and the ability to construct "Instant Bases" in open land areas. Online features include co-op play, as well as the option to upload and download customized officers, units, and scenarios.

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'Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires' was released in February of 2014. The game is another entry in a long line of hack and slash games from the developers Omega Force. 'Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires' was published by Tecmo Koei and it is considered one of the better entries in recent memory to the iconic 'Dynasty Warriors' series. The game features a plethora of new characters involved in an expansive campaign as well as repping a complete graphic overhaul thanks to the power of the PlayStation 4. There are a ton of reasons to give this game a rental and we'll see if it would be a good fit for you. Keep reading and find out if you'll be joining in on the latest battlefield!

So what's it all about?

We are back in the era of the Three Kings. China has once more been turned into a battle field full of warriors that are eagerly seeking to establish themselves as they fight for their faction. The game features a story based on the 'Romance of the Three Kingdoms' which was written by Luo Gunazhong in the form of a historic novel. The story takes a backseat early and often to the sheer madness that the large scale battles we know and love. We get to watch the four major factions in go through their own storylines. There are moments that will test the future of these different alliances and, once decided, they change the route that the game takes going forward. It is a little bit more interactive than normal and, on the whole, pretty exciting in that regard In all honesty if you are paying too much attention to the storyline then you are likely playing the wrong game. 'Dynasty Warriors' has always been about getting onto the battlefield in order to spill the blood of your enemies. Fortunately the game does that very thing supremely well.

Jam packed with content.

The newest entry into the 'Dynasty Warriors' series shows us a playable roster of characters that runs over 70 people deep. This can be intimidating for people loading up the series for the first time. The different models may tend to blend together and there is little reason to delve too deeply, unless you find a player that strikes your fancy. Thankfully the guys behind the series decided to address fan skepticism of vanilla characters and, in doing so, add some personality to them all. The different characters on the roster all have their own unique blends of special moves and specific fighting styles. Some soldiers master the rake while others wield dual blades. There is enough difference between the different characters to make it worth trying out a few different ones in order to find your niche. Finding the character you are most potent with is important. Characters possess special weapons that are primed with bonus experience systems that will help you develop your characters the longer that you play.

As long as we are talking about potent characters we have to point out how the team at Tecmo tried to reinvent one of their most brutal baddies: Lu Bu. Lu Bu is a hulking beast of a man known for his extreme violence and prejudice in battle. He is borderline irredeemable if only for how much hate he has summoned via players who had trouble progressing past his boss stage. Now he is a playable character with a fully realized arc that tries to explain why he is the way that he is. He doesn't become an antihero, or anything of the sort, but we come to respect his history if nothing else.

How is the upgrade?

When games make a port over to the next generation of consoles there is an expectation that the graphics and such will make an equally impressive jump. While 'Dynasty Warriors 8' looks like a solid game on the PS4, it is still reminiscent of its older console versions. The game is pretty much just an upscaled PS3 release. Despite that criticism we do see an increase in frame rate and there is also an improvement in the pop that has always been a problem for gamers and fans of the series. As Tecmo goes forward developing games for the new generation of consoles we shouldn't be surprised to see the graphical stance of their games improve.

A host of different game modes.

The team behind this entry in the series was determined to make sure that their game had massive replayability. It wasn't good enough to simply work through the campaign and then fiddle around in multiplayer. Tecmo wants players to be engaged in a ton of different ways. We'll skip the traditional story mode delve into the other unique modes available:

1) Ambition Mode

This mode of gameplay takes on a sort of novice city building aspect. You will play as the leader of a mall base full of peasants at the 'Tongquetai Tower'. Your goal is to get Emperor Xian to come visit you in order to raise the status of the tower. You have to partake in big and small battles in order to win fame and recruit new allies. You start out this mode with nothing but a weapons shop at your base. You can upgrade the Tower and add new facilities as you push through the mode.

2) Challenger Mode

In Challenger Mode you must compete in a variety of different mini games. As you do so you will compete for high scores in order to unlock special weapons. These weapons cannot be won in any other mode of gameplay. It's a diversion, but a fun one with legitimate benefits.

If you are a fan of 'Dynasty Warriors' then you will enjoy the eighth entry into the series. Tecmo wants to create an experience that gives fans everything they need, and they balance it as capably as any other studio. There are some issues, mostly with hit detection and overused sounds, but the game itself does not suffer for it.

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February 24, 2015

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