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October 24, 2006

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Dynasty Warriors Vol. 2 brings back Warriors Worth a Thousand, in a sequel that eclipses the original with an exquisite array of features. When the Han Dynasty crumbled, China broke into three warring states. You will lead the charge that leads from civil unrest and open warfare to final reunification. Can it be achieved? It will be difficult, but ancient China`s greatest warriors have rocked Heaven and Earth in the past and with your help, they can do it again. The game contains over 50 stages and 31 maps. Twice as many as the original Trade officers with other players wirelessly Wide-screen action using the PSP system`s full display. The game will come with a complete pantheon of all 48 Dynasty Warriors, with branching story paths for each kingdom, players will also be able to unlock up to 300 officers and unleash Double Musou attacks with your officers.

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Release Date:

October 24, 2006

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