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October 19, 2010

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In EA Sports MMA, players will get ready for the raw intensity of mixed martial arts. Step into the cage and punch, kick and grapple with the world's top fighters in the sport while employing a variety of fighting styles from around the globe. Select from various weight classes, rule sets and take on all challengers in multiple cage types or a ring. Continue the challenge online with the ability to create and share custom fighters, prize fights and more. Master takedowns, unique submission moves and more to dominate your opponents in the cage and rise through the ranks to become the top MMA fighter.

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This game allows you to choose from 150 premade heads, and offers an array of hairstyles, tattoos, skin tones and eye colors. The player will note that when creating their career mode fighter, you can choose any of the nine available specializations each featuring different strengths and weaknesses. For instance, if you specialize in Judo you will realize that your ground skills are more useful than your striking skills, however other skills can be attained through the training program with trainer, retired MMA champion Bas Rutten.

Strategic thinking is needed when faced with a challenging opponent and for a more satisfying game its best to get an opponent online. Multiplayer matches are fun and exciting since you can gauge on how skillful you are based on the type of career mode fighter that you have chosen.

A player has the opportunity to choose two fictional leagues from the six existing leagues once they have undergone training successfully. Rules vary and are unique to an individual league. Some of the best career mode features includes the training sessions, once a player completes a challenge by pushing a button the player can simulate it to obtain its benefits.

Note that higher scores in your challenge results to greater effectiveness. One other fantastic feature is that a player is able to move to different gyms and the ability to learn new moves as you keep competing in new challenges. There are a total of 25 moves however you are limited to 16 moves only.

The mixed martial arts game has highly responsive controls, for instance the left analog stick is used for movement whereas the right stick is used for throwing punches. The face buttons are used for sprawls, submissions, clinches and take downs, while the shoulder buttons are used for throwing kicks, blocking and faking. It is always wise to pick opponents online since they less predictable, however regardless of the opponent choose a career mode fighter whose strengths you know how to play because every fight earns you points and new rankings.

Individuals who are not participating in a fight challenge have the opportunity to watch fights through the EA Sports MMA website, interestingly enough these live broadcasts have live commentators usually MMA experts. The EA Sports MMA offers lengthy exciting challenges and great fun. One thing is for sure this game does not disappoint.

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October 19, 2010

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