Endless Ocean Dive Discover Dream Wii

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by Sierra
Release Date: 12/05/2006


Explore an undersea world in Endless Ocean. Swim through coral reefs, explore ancient shipwrecks, meet local wildlife and search for sunken treasure on your own team with no time limits and no pressure.


  • Dive in exotic locales: from tide pools to the wrecks of World War II bombers
  • No set time limits and no way to fail, you're free to relax and explore however you see fit
  • Find, identify, and catalog hundreds of different types of marine life such as penguins, clownfish, dolphins, sharks and the blue whale
  • Go online with Nintendo WFC and meet friends and family for an underwater sightseeing tour. Once you exchange friend codes, you and a friend can dive together on the same screen. While the two of you are exploring the ocean, you can communicate using a series of pre-set messages.
  • Exploring is easy just point the Remote in the direction you want to go and hold the B Button and to examine objects, just point at them and press the A Button
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