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May 27, 2008

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Enemy Territory, Quake Wars allows teams of players to take the roles of Global Defense Force soldiers and alien Strogg warriors to compete against one another in mission-oriented scenarios. Class-specific abilities encourage teamwork among squad mates, giving each player in the group an important role based on the soldier-type chosen. To welcome newer players to the field, aspects of play such as mission-objective listings and vehicle piloting have been simplified, while features such as character upgrades and global stat-tracking offer dedicated players opportunities to benefit from strong performances and hard-won victories.

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Shoot 'em and kill 'em boys! Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is an intense mission based computer game that is a joy to play. Although there are no voice chats online, still the game is well done. Here, there are two opponents where each team will attempt to complete their specific objectives. So get prepared for the shooting and killing.

It is the year 2065 and a race from the Quake universe called the Strogg have invaded earth so they could get their hands on stroyent, some form of raw material that can be processed into some form of fuel. The gamer plays a character who joins one of the two teams: Strogg or Global Defense Force (humans). The action: shoot 'em and kill 'em. This is really nothing new, plot or story-wise, but still it is enjoyable in all of its gore.

There is a whole lot of action here and it really does not matter which team is chosen, all players feel that they are part of their team and make important contributions. There are the usual experience points to be earned before the levels go up but that is also nothing new. The emphasis of the game is the ability of the characters to stay alive within the game. And with all of the intense fire fights and difficult missions, this can be quite a challenge.

The gamer has a choice of three playing methods: single map, three maps and the two round duels. The three map campaign usually takes place in one continent, while the two round duels is usually played on one map where each team competes with one another and the winner is the one that is left standing. In total, there are about 12 maps and these can be played by 32 players at one given time. This is a bit much for most of the servers can only support 24 gamers at one time.

Basically, the maps really look good and cover a wide terrain. But the lack in the details on those terrains can make the visuals a little flat and the explosions sound more like whimpers rather than the expected kabooms. I must say thought that the lighting is good, and there are some images that are realistically detailed. Some of the weapons really sound too loud and can hurt the ears when they are fired so I must say that I found myself adjusting the volume several times. I really don’t want to mention the voice over commands for they irritated me no end.

Ultimately, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is the obvious next step for those who have played Enemy Territory and because this is a much improved version, I have to recommend this to even those gamers who are not really into team shooting. This is a really fresh and interesting game that, although not for everyone, is definitely worth playing. Who knows, the skeptics may just change their minds and become fans. This is definitely one for the library.

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May 27, 2008

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