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November 08, 2000

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Escape from Monkey Island continues in the hilarious tradition of its critically hailed and award-winning predecessors, The Secret of Monkey Island, Monkey Island 2: Le Chuck's Revenge, and The Curse of Monkey Island. Developed by the team who created LucasArts's irreverent classic Sam and Max Hit the Road, Escape features an original cinematic story full of drama, intrigue, and of course, side-splitting humor. The game is highlighted by hundreds of challenging puzzles, set amidst dozens of rich and brilliantly rendered backgrounds.

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This may sound biased, but as a fan of everything Lucas, as long as this guy is involved, nothing will go wrong. Escape from Monkey Island is another adventure game developed by the almighty Lucas and it is spectacular. All, right enough with the praises, on to the nitty-gritty.

The Monkey Island franchise have always been popular as they are fun, challenging, humorous and modern. Escape is the fourth of the series and there are a lot of funny parts and then there are a lot of not-so-funny stuff. This is the inconsistency that makes the game unique. There are a lot of puzzles and challenges. There are some hiccups though that can ruin the experience for those who are intensely engrossed with the game.

Monkey Island is the next chapter to the Guybrush Threepwood adventure series. Here, the mighty pirate and beloved new wife, Governor Elaine Marley, comes back from their lovely honeymoon to the real world of chaos. Not only is Elaine erroneously declared dead, she lost her position as governor. Now, she not only has to run for governor all over again, but she has to run against the foppish Charles L. Charles. Here is a man with a deep, dark secret.

To complicate matters even more, the once seedy and dangerous pirate hub Tri-Island has been converted into a tourism site, all thanks to Ozzie Mandril, aptly named Australilan developer. If complicated is bad, it gets even worse. Now, everyone is looking for some artifact strangely labeled Ultimate Insult. Although these events may seem unrelated, in fact they are and now Guybrush must not only help Elaine gain her governorship back, he must halt the sacrilege to his pirate jaunts and discover the whereabouts of this Ultimate Insult voodoo thingy. All in the name of good versus evil.

To accomplish all these tasks, Guybrush must now do everything he can to complete tasks, solve puzzles, kill some guys, discover some treasure and other weird stuff. There are not that many jokes and characters in this version but it’s really fun and funny. And that’s what makes this so great. It is the unexpectedness of it all. It is not a cliche and it is definitely not redundant or mundane. It is as different as different can be. Oh, and don’t forget the swashbuckling. What pirate game does not have, swashbuckling?

One thing for certain: all those who have had the chance to play with the previous games are sure to love this one. Now, there are some hiccups as mentioned. One of them is having to go through the inventory so many times. As this is really a seeking game, it is important to keep track of all the objects won. Some of the puzzles are so strange that they can be frustrating to try to solve. Again, the frustration just adds on to the appeal, so there is that weirdness again. But in the end, Escape from Monkey Island is a huge success. Yes, there are some hiccups, but then I don’t like perfect games, they’re boring.

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Release Date:

November 08, 2000

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