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September 22, 2010

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F1 2010 is based directly on the 61st season of the FIA Formula One Championship, featuring the drivers, teams, racecars, and courses of the real-life Grand Prix series. The game focuses on presenting a sophisticated simulation of the power and handling of an F1 car, under a variety of realistic conditions. The game's physics account for the whole car, part by overpowered part, to create an authentically "twitchy" feel in steering and acceleration, demanding precision from virtual drivers. In a sport of control, skill in managing the uncontrollable separates winners from the pack, and the game's dynamic weather system affects the courses in extensive detail. Quick-race options are available, as well as a Career Mode campaign of three, five, or seven seasons.

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Codemaster has a new franchise up in its sleeves in the form of F1 2010. this racing game is a fun remake of one of the most challenging games in the world of motor sports. It is challenging, fast, and realistic. The cars and race tracks have been rendered in a most magnificent way. A fan of the Formula One series? Then you can bet you will surely enjoy this game; packed with a variety of race modes that includes single race, time trial, and career mode, you are very unlikely to get tired of it soon. Also, join you mates and see who is the best racer.

The current Formula One season are all represented in the F1 2010. Yes, all the fast cars, great teams, and tracks are in this package. The reflections created by the clouds, the grandstand, and the overhanging track markers are remarkable as well as outstanding since they enhance the racing experience and makes you feel that you are really one of the race drivers. And when it rains, it pours. The splashes the cars make as they speed through puddles are rendered greatly, and in accompaniment of visibility changes; and when the track begins to dry, you will the marks the rain splatters has made on your helmet. These developments makes the graphics department of the game really stand out. The audio does a great job as well as you hear the impressive roar of the engines and from time to time the radio will work up to keep you company during races.

As a simulation game, F1 2010 offers full customization on the difficulty settings of the game. However, one might get intimidated by the whole scenario especially if youÂ’re a first timer as there are no tutorials available. I was kind of overwhelmed when I first started the game. The modeling are so realistic that in fact, if you damage your car during the race, you will see the impact and magnitude it made. You can create custom races that can be used individually or as part of a series. This can also be done online.

There are plenty of multiplayer options in F1 2010, most of which are only available online. Believe me you and your mates will have fun with this! But that means you can create multiply Grand Prixs with strangers and show off your racing prowess! F1 2010 is clearly a game any fan of Formula One or simulation racing would do well to take for a spin.

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September 22, 2010

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