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September 03, 2008

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That blandness seeps into the AI that you fight, as well. As you fight them, they’ll decide that it’s time for you to lose, and that’s pretty much it.

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The game does offer an intriguing feature wherein you can create your own custom boxer that has your face, uploaded through either the Xbox Vision camera or downloaded from a picture you've transferred to the game. This feature works very well, with a boxer that looks very similar to you after you've waited the ten minutes required for the image to render. There are a number of body styles that you can choose from to make your character just right. Unfortunately, this mode doesn't support a lot of female customization, meaning that women boxers don't look quite right. There are also a ton of custom boxers that have been uploaded to the internet for your free download.

Once you've created a boxer, though, good luck finding something to do with them. There are a couple of different game types, but the Brawl for It All mode that is essentially the campaign takes a long time to complete, thanks to AI that is so challenging that it takes learning cheap moves before you can think that you'll have a chance to win against it. Online play exists, but there is an enormous advantage given to the player with the best connection, so playing online is actually pretty much pointless.

The gameplay in FaceBreaker consists of mashing buttons to attack with a high or a low punch, a throw, or a haymaker. There are also block and parry buttons that aren't really necessary for success. Other than that, just try to stay out of the corner and pick up a couple cheap moves that you can do repeatedly, and you'll have found the entirety of the recipe for success in this game. Indeed, it's not very flavorful at all.

That blandness seeps into the AI that you fight, as well. As you fight them, they'll decide that it's time for you to lose, and that's pretty much it. They'll back you into a corner and wallop on you until the match is over. Even if you manage to fight them off some, all it takes is a single combo of good punches and they can fill their facebreaker meter, which then allows them to knock their opponent to the canvas with a single haymaker punch. Once someone's on the ground, the game tells you to break their face, and with a button press you unleash a finishing move that breaks their face, according to the game. It's not a pleasant way to lose a match, and when it's done repeatedly by an opponent that you can find no reasonable way to beat, well, it gets to be rather annoying.

Unless you like to play video games to find the annoying aspects of them, it might be a good idea to turn the other cheek with FaceBreaker.

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Dec 1, 2014

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September 03, 2008

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