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October 13, 2009

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Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition for the PC brings you over 100 hours of gameplay. This game includes both the base game and all five DLC packs. Unlike other games in the series, Bethesda Softworks served as both the developer and publisher. This "Fallout 3" title was released in 2009."Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition" is an open-world first-person shooter. If you see a location, you can travel to it and go inside of it. Numerous settlements dot the landscape, all needing your help. While you can solve some quests with your words, your guns will do most of the talking. You're armed with weapons ranging from laser pistols to miniature nukes. If you ever find yourself stuck, you can use the in-game cheats to give yourself a boost.

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Fallout 3 is a game apart and distinct from all its competitors. It offers gamers an experience unlike any other game in the market right now. It’s such a great addition to the whole Fallout franchise. It’s so good that you no longer need to play the other versions to be able to take pleasure in playing this game. This game alone is enough to satisfy you without you asking for more.

It caters to both the good and the bad players in the game world. If you’re the type of player who doesn’t want to see pain and suffering, you can donate your own supplies to the beggars on the street sacrificing your own health by doing so. But if you are the more violent type, then there are a lot of cities for you to destroy. Though it caters to both, it seems to lean more on the bad side.

Violent content is very much the name of the game. You hear foul languages every now and then and the things you can do to people you meet are utterly disturbing; even the kids are not spared from the brutal killings. The game allows you to unleash the evil within you. Excessively so in some scenes, making you feel guilty at times. With this in mind, this definitely is not a game that little kids should be playing.
But all deeds, be they good or bad, have consequences and you will discover these later in the game. The choices you make as well as the things you do will, at some point in time, catch up with you. The more bad things you do, the harder it will be to continue playing because the resources become limited as people start to fear you. They either run and hide or attack you.

You might complete the game fast but it’s only when you finish that you realize how little you’ve actually played the game. The game doesn’t really require you to cover all the areas in a certain city making you miss all other stuff that are available for you to take. There are even some helpful items actually hidden in some areas, which require you to stay in one city longer than you should. Aside from that, you can simply explore the area and just marvel at the sight.

The great visuals and audio quality absolutely help in making everything seem realistic. The bad news is everything is turned off once things begin to move. People as well as animals move in a kind of stiff way, which is such a bust – and just when you’re beginning to feel that things are real. It’s as if you are zapped from a fantasy back to reality. I hope they correct this. If and when they do, this will really be the game to beat.

The game is so brilliantly put together; you tend to let its flaws pass unnoticed. You just enjoy playing it and you just let the game take you on a ride to what the future might be like. It’s so addictive you would want to play it over and over. This is definitely a great addition to your collection of games.

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October 13, 2009

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