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October 19, 2010

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In Fallout: New Vegas, you will face a number of death-defying missions, mutated creatures, and other power-hungry factions as you travel through the streets of post-apocalyptic Las Vegas. Packed with special moves, advanced weaponry, and various other combat mechanics, this action video game offers you action-packed gameplay. Besides its wide array of artillery, Fallout: New Vegas features great character animations and a wide range of opponents to keep you engrossed throughout. What’s more, this game for Windows features a lot of freedom in its gameplay, giving you the option to choose sides or go solo. Moreover, Fallout: New Vegas boasts great visuals and scene environments that you will enjoy.

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The story is based on the past, the Great War between USA and China to hundred years ago. The war that turned the world into a wasteland due to the nuclear and here there are some new characters and the environment as well is different. During the war Vegas was not directly hit by the bombs and it was left still. When the game begins there is an introduction by Ron Perlman and here we find ourselves stuck in the desert. There is a shallow grave to our left and a gun at the front and it will soon be used by Benny to shoot us. You will learn from Benny that you have been set up right from the begging.

When all is ready, we are Doc gives us a jumpsuit an energy weapon and a pip-Boy and we are sent to the world. The Pip-Boy is that major weapon we are supposed to use it for managing statistics, information and items. We can use it for screening and checking our health, manage our stock, and keep track of our missions, listen to the radio and even check our own health.

From this point the game gets on motion and you can play the game in your own style. You can approach each challenge as you prefer as well as pass each of the challenges using the skills you have chosen to focus on. The game is full of action and you will find it quite entertaining. There are combat controls which allow you to target at precise points on an NPC so as to cause excellent shooting and aim. We can also cripple the opponent to reduce their attacking power. When there is damage it can be repaired by sleeping or using some medical supplies. You will also like the ability of fast travel in the game. Fast travel in the game allows you to move between locations and you do not have to take time to control the character.

You are also able to travel in the open without attacks. As you proceed with the game you gain skill points which will assist in the general gameplay and they will increase the ability to barter and your gun skills. When going through the main plot, you will encounter many side quests which are located in challenging areas though not impossible to handle. The side quests are at a reasonable pace. As the game progresses you we will also begin to take comparisons to check which characters perform well so that we can conquer on our combats.

Fallout is set up in such a way that it is well-paced, varied and challenging though not impossible. The game is made such that there is something for everyone. From the stuff for kids to what adults will be comfortable with. There is action for those who are fans at the Boulder City, Rocket factory quest is fit for Survival Horror fans and those who love character driven plot there are quite a number of side quests that will fit them. All and all this is a pretty good game.

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October 19, 2010

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