Frequently Asked Questions

What does "RAG" mean which is located within the site?

This is an abbreviation for Reviewanygame.

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I cannot remember my password?

You can have the password reset via this link. Please also check your spam folder in case it sends your password to that folder on accident.

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Can I promote my website elsewhere on the site or just in the profile?

Within your profile you have the option of creating a hyperlink, upload a background image & avatar, profile data, signature hyperlink, should you create a signature within your profile it will also be displayed on message boards where you participate.

All hyperlinks unless submitted by our moderators within game reviews or cheat pages are forbidden, please refer to the Terms should you be unfamiliar with the Review Any Game house rules on site.

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Why did you decide to include the option to allow people to create a business profile?

We decided we would give users something back for contributing to our gaming site.

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What is the wish list used for?

The wish list enables a user to be able to create a wish list of games which they may want to purchase through our comparison site, the wish list should they use this feature will then place the wish list in profile should you later want to locate the game page or buy the game.

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How come you mentioned a comparison site, surely that involves comparing game prices?

We are currently building a game comparison feature which will enable anyone who visits RAG to be able to compare game prices across lots of trusted game sites, after this feature is in operation it will list the top 10 only in order of price from all the game sites within the comparison. Expected date of this feature May 2016.

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I noticed a red flag icon located throughout the site, what is it used for?

This icon is used to enable you to report a problem which you may encounter, it can be found on all game pages where text can be submitted, this includes reviews, message boards, cheats and profiles amongst other places throughout the site.

Should you come across any pages which contain offensive material , pictures, text, nonsense, contain misleading information, bug issues or spam then please use the flag to report this problem and we will review the problem and correct it where applicable.

We understand that things may occasionally get out of hands, debates and so forth, clashes of opinion, however we ask that you apply to the terms and conditions in relation to respecting others and keep any conflicts of communication to a respectable level.

The report will be examined by our moderators and our decision will decide the outcome of the report in question, you also have the option to offer additional information in the box provided to elaborate should you need to do so, however that is optional.

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