FIFA 07 Soccer Xbox 360 User Review

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Soccer fans are seriously going to enjoy the Xbox 360 of FIFA 07 because of its exciting alterations and graphics. FIFA 07 can be played choosing 117 clubs and 37 international sides in the game. You can choose to play a match against chosen opponent. By clicking kick-off options, you are ready to play. But if you are curious enough, you can go to other options on the game other than kick-off. Online Play, Manager Mode, Challenge Mode, and the FIFA Lounge.

But this game is not perfect. Shooting can be difficult since FIFA emphasizes on passing other than shooting. Wayward shooting, or kicks, may happen that restricts the team from scoring. This is not credited that the game is inaccurate. It is just hard to control the cursors. In order to beat the goalkeeper, use the modifier button to perform chip shots who will rush out of their lines. The shot modifier makes attempt to score possible, especially with Xbox 360 as platform. Although you used the modifier, it will not be a powerful shot that is why shooting may or may not score.

The artificial intelligence of the game is quite predictable and irritating. It is really predictable, the instance of spending too much time substituting players at the almost-ending game. 10 or 20 minutes of the last time of the game is the most repetitive action. This action is also true with substitutions, not just at the end of the game. You will predict when the player is fatigued and/or sprinted.

With the Managers Mode, the objective is to try and alter the players and allows comparison with other players. The manager mode has many benefits and it is the most engaging features of the game. You can play solo or with friends using Challenge Mode. It has 80 different challenges. It has great and exciting gameplay. You will have no problem if you are already hooked to the FIFA series. There is not much that is altered with this game. Online Mode is also available.

It is lag-free than the previous platforms. It is less frustrating to play with friends. Online Cooperative Mode can make you glued through your sit with a friend. New to FIFA is the Lounge Mode, which allows you to play with nineteen of your friends. You play multiple gaming sessions and keep an eye of your score on the table. You must collect power-up and cheap shots to be used during each match. You'll earn lounge points based on your performance. These and more are just options of the game.