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October 14, 2008

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FIFA Soccer 09 on the DS challenges you to think and react like a real player through the popular feature innovation Be A Pro. Play over multiple seasons and the mode features the unique Be A Pro camera that tracks your player, re-creating the excitement and rush of racing in on a goal. You choose a professional player or create your own player and then develop his skills until he becomes a national legend. Every match performance is evaluated in real-time with in-game feedback and a final rating. For the first time play with up to three friends all playing fixed to single players on your favorite club or go head-to-head with a single cart and local multiplayer. 

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Fortunately, the team did not fail the game's followers this year. FIFA Soccer 09 is definitely way ahead of its previous season when it comes to graphics. Exient was able to get additional horsepower out of the Nintendo DS hardware in order to capture most movements with the game running at 60 FPS. This came about because Exient was not particularly happy with the 30 frames per second engine run for the 11-on-11-plus-Ref gameplay. Although the FIFA Soccer 09 is much better compared to 08, the texture blinking on athletes and its background environment remains noticeable. The switching from one camera to another also provides a noticeable visual glitch but as a whole, its improved graphics pulls this online game up. The game progresses smoothly and although it is not as impressive as the consoles available in the market today, FIFA Soccer 09 remains competitive and at par with other handheld games especially when it comes to DS standards.

Comparably speaking, you will not find that much difference between the 2008 and 2009 edition aside from some minor nips and improvements on the computer AI routines, graphics and ball handling but one of the things that 09 edition showcases is its Be a Pro feature or game option. With FIFA Soccer 09, you can now play the entire season as a particular player in a team. You will play and watch the game from your preferred player's viewpoint and play the game according to his position on the team. You have the choice to be a team player or keep the ball to avoid the hotspots. However, the game is good at reminding you where the player should be in order to keep the game rolling. Furthermore, the Be a Pro feature is good with Nintendo DS due to its dual screen wherein you can see the perspective of the player on the upper screen and at the same time have a vantage point on the lower screen to see the actual progression of the game. You just have to be on guard in order for your player not to get a red card; otherwise, the game is over.

If you enjoyed the 08 edition, you will love 09 more because of its notable enhancements. It still has the multiplayer support and supports Wi-Fi connection so you can play with other gamers across the world. Although nothing beats watching an actual game, having a DS with FIFA Soccer 09 is still a good alternative to exciting soccer games in real arena.

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October 14, 2008

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