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October 13, 2008

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FIFA Soccer 09 delivers a new level of authenticity. The matchday experience is now true-to-life with a referee and assistants. Plus, crowds, stadium atmosphere, and commentary have all been regionalised in exacting detail and 15 new stadiums added. Now there is nothing stopping you from living your dream and proving yourself as a professional player through the popular feature innovation – Be A Pro – now expanded to include a career mode and the ability to play with a team of up to 10 friends all playing fixed outfield positions.

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Pacing has slightly accelerated, the passes are required to be directed with greater precision and the referees of the game are now more than willing to flash out the cards. One of the most recognizable enhancements of the game is the quality of the players with respect to the physical aspect given the time period. The attacker will point to the direction where they want the ball to go while the defenders will direct the violations to the linesmen.

Aside from that, the game is now deeply fixed in a simulation territory. Players will have the chance to use the trick system in order to run all-around the players, but you will little hope in possessing the ball unless you pass the ball with effectiveness. As a result, the game is quite heavy in middle field battles. Also, there is abundance of brand new and game modes that are in existence. The Be a Pro: Seasons is featured in which you will have the capacity to control a single player or a customized character rather than controlling the whole team. Then later you will shape the player’s career for the club and the country over a period of four years.

Be a Pro feature is worthy to be given a try if the player wants to see FIFA 09 in another perspective, yet, in the attack positions, every player will be spending so much time for action to occur. Twenty people can participate in a single game and the same reward system with regards to passing, tackling, position and goal will encourage the player to be a team member. The Adidas Live Season is also integrated in the game wherein the updates of the actual world stats will be sent directly to your console every week.

One major supplement to FIFA 09 is the brand new feature of custom-tactics. This will involve the player in recognizing the behavior of every team. You will also be capable of adjusting eleven various factors in every team that include the positioning and fierceness and then eventually, map the tactics to the D pad in order to be activated during a play. Additionally, you will also have the chance to upload the tactics in the game’s Locker which is online. This way, people can download and place ratings with your performances.

Furthermore, the game is loaded with existing content derived from the past game. Lots of game types offline are also available. These include the manager mode, lounge mode and club modes. For the most part, FIFA 09 is a football game with the deepest, most authentic and full-packed with features as compared to other football games. Improvements are still possible and you will certainly have fun with this game.

It might be better to seek out the latest version of this game, currently under the name Fifa 11, I have yet to play Fifa 11, but most developers seem to improve, so no doubt Fifa 11 will be a better investment.

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October 13, 2008

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