FIFA Soccer 09 Xbox 360 User Review

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Xbox 360


This installment has even bigger improvement than the previous release, “Be a Pro Seasons.” The previous version, FIFA 08, allowed gamers to direct one player in the team for a one off game. In FIFA 09 the gamer plays for a club for a series of seasons, he then tries to progress into a soccer superstar. The player then gets to choose whether to play in the World Cup or just make his own character. Once in the game the player gets a chance to play with the different clubs around the world.

The mode is highly addictive; it draws players back to it. It’s truly entertaining when you get a chance to play with an AI team. Your teammates have unique traits and playing styles. You must get to learn each one’s role in the game so as to get a great team working. Penalties and violations are easily recognized with the visual cues that appear on the screen. There’s no need to guess whether you were offside when the ball was passed to you, a mysterious rule even to many casual followers of the game, or whether you’ve earned a red or yellow card, in reality often a matter of individual interpretation. Occasional injuries also happen and these can put you on the bench, but hopefully not that serious that you may end up not playing the remainder of the game.

FIFA 09 also has other game modes. In one of the modes you can play the whole team. There is also another mode where you can act as the team manager. The manager can earn money with every win and use it for his team. The manager also gets to interact with the media with lots of interviews being part of his schedule.

The game contains real-world soccer clubs and leagues together with all the famous players, all captured in high definition graphics. Their physical attributes and actions are impressively presented on screen, making the whole game more enjoyable.
FIFA 09 has carried on the brilliant visuals of its earlier versions with some improvements on the gameplay and officiating. Also, the sound quality of the game suits it perfectly – using real life sound effects for the usual noise of the stadium.

These aren’t the only improvements in the game; EA Sports have packed in surprises waiting to be discovered by players but that’s for you to find out, overall a top football Game.