FIFA Soccer 10 PS3

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October 20, 2009


FIFA Soccer 10 now features the full 360 degree dribbling that is a far cry from the other versions that are limited to only sixteen directions.

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6.3 / 10
The soccer action of this game is fast-paced and fun, and not really for beginners; you should have your skills ready when you decide to play it.
by EA Sports
Release Date: 02/18/2008

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Last year the release of FIFA 09 was a major hit. Today, FIFA 10 is rocking the world by its excellence. The realease of the newly improved FIFA 10 is now astounding football gamers worldwide with their newly added features that is taking it to a new level.

FIFA 10 now features the full 360 degree dribbling that is a far cry from the other versions that are limited to only sixteen directions. This new feature allows for dribbles in a lot of directions that make the game more realistic than ever.

Another brilliant inclusion in this new video game is the Virtual Pro, taking personalization to a higher level. Previous versions set you up on a career as a football player. Virtual Pro transcends it by giving the created player your own face through uploaded photos which will become your look-alike in a virtual way. Virtual Pro offers you the opportunity to make a player based on your preference when it comes to the style of playing you want to have. Your look-alike football player will be accessible in the group of the team you like the most in all options. This will allow your player to develop their statistics by just participating in an exhibition game. Many opportunities for achievements and developments can be made through Virtual Pro where some of it would most likely take a lot of time and effort to achieve but is still worth trying because it can actually increase a footballers abilities. You can start from practicing at the arena or on to playing matches online.

Another attachment, although not that fully developed, is the possibility of modeling your own set pieces. You can make and design your own free kicks and corner routines and try it by using the Arena. You can decide on how you want your line of defense to work and apply advancements on your crosses and goalkeepers who should probably watch out because they can be awarded with red cards.

These are the new inclusions that FIFA 10 offers but other than that, the rest still remains the same while some have been improved like the leagues which have been made better in physics, controls and in multiplayer options both on and offline. Teammates and opponents are now playing better together, and there is more focus on the ball, which is important in a game, all made possible by improvements on artificial intelligence. Graphics and special effects like cheering audiences and weather effects like rain and snow is also more developed. Another thing to be noted is the extension of the manager mode with a remake on its experience point system and improvements on staff, inteface and the chance to change kit numbers.

At first, it will be hard to adjust to these new features because of the drastic changes that lead to their great developments but everything is so worth it because FIFA 10 has brought up football gaming into a higher level of experience which everybody will truly enjoy.

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October 20, 2009

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